Get to know Rohit Medade

Rohit Medade head of routing rdcom

The value of people in a company is much more than the sum of their tasks and the level of their job position. It is precisely this value that we would like to talk about by interviewing RDCOM’s new Head of Routing, Rohit Medade.

His journey starts far away from here – in the most literal sense of the word! Rohit is from India and is about to start a new experience at our Verona Headquarter in Italy. How did he get here? We asked him directly.

Rohit, tell us. How did you come to know about rdcom?

The first contact I had with RDCOM was with Daniele Poerio, the CEO, over social media for some Business opportunity. While conversing with him about Business, he gave me the Impression of a very professional and empathetic person and observed that our thoughts are on same wavelength.

After some knowledge sharing discussions for couple of months and getting familiar with each other, Daniele offered me a key role in his Italian company under Routing Department given the expertise I have in Telecom sector, and a role I had already held for several years in the past. So here I am!

What activities will you be doing in RDCOM?

Being appointed as Head of Routing, the Prime responsibility is Team management and defining KPI’s for the team as per their expertise in the function for smooth workflow, and in favour of the Business.

Routing function is a Techno-Commercial role, that includes many activities but below are some key items to be focussed:

  1. Great Customer experience.
  2. Aligned with new regulations or Market shifts.
  3. Aligned with Commercial/Trading team for route evaluations followed by routing actions.
  4. Build-up plans for backup routing support.
  5. New onboarding of MNO/Enterprises/Aggregators and getting the best of out of them with clear understanding of offers and their usage.
  6. Process and KPI definitions as a part of Best Practices internally for the team
  7. Platform Developments- New feature onboard etc…

India and Italy are two very different countries, but have you found anything in common?

The most important aspect a person has when relocate to new place is about the people with which one has to interact in day-to-day life. Love, Affection and Respect play a vital role that an individual looks forward. Having said that, I do not see a difference compared to my home country India, and I feel the same love, respect and warmth living in Italy.

It will be an important change. What do you feel like saying to those who read you and like you are facing such a challenge?

Challenges are part of life, I personally believe that if person do not have challenges then one cannot grow either Professionally or Personally. Challenges brings the best in you and help to achieve big in life. Everything good/bad in life is from experience that an individual learns by achieving victory and attaining positive results that brings him a level up in growth.

You already have a long experience in routing activities related to the world of mobile messaging. How has the sector changed globally in recent years?

The A2P messaging is growing and maturing across the globe, and will continue to evolve with long-standing and fresh challenges faced by market players. MNOs are increasingly securing their networks and addressing the problems that grey-routes present, while OTT messaging applications are posing a new threat to the revenues of A2P. All around the world, mobile operators are losing revenue through unauthorized grey routes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the telecom sector has played a vital role across the globe to support the digital infrastructure of countries. Telecom operators are facing huge messaging traffic daily all over the globe.

With mobile messaging, enterprises offer their customers instant notifications, alerts, promotional messages, ticketing, and marketing messages. Mobile messaging has been widely used across industry verticals, such as BFSI, media, and entertainment, travel, tourism, retail, aerospace, insurance, and healthcare, as it is one of the easiest and cost-effective communication means in generating leads, increasing sales, and building customer relationships. Mobile messaging is a key opportunity for the A2P messaging market to grow in an upward direction.

In nutshell, evolution of New Technologies in Mobile messaging Ecosystem is a never-ending story and from the Market growth point of view its exponential graph is towards inclination every new year.

What are still the advantages of using SMS today?

  1. SMS is Ubiquitous i.e., available for all
  2. Simple, Easy and Traditional i.e., globally adopted communication channel
  3. SMS have higher “open-rate” than any other communication means like email
  4. Immediate delivery and efficient
  5. Cost-Effective
  6. Global marketing- Reachable to anyone having cell phone signal active
  7. Efficient- Group of people can be reached via SMS campaign
  8. Reliable- without any shady attachments like emails

We thank Rohit for his time and wish him all the best for his new experience in the RDCOM family!