Simple communication,
customised integrations,
enhanced engagement.

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why choose rdcom

Rapid and effective communication

The business messaging solution for sending newsletters, notifications, promotions and service communications

Integration with existing platforms

Improves operational efficiency and maximises utilisation of existing resources

Personalised Messages

Make your communications unique and personal by customising SMS, emails based on user data and behaviour

Automated Communications

Simplifies and automates business processes by sending booking confirmations, appointment reminders, post-sales follow-ups

Affordable and transparent costs

Best value for money with competitive prices for effective budget planning and management

what we offer

Freemium Version

Try the inTouch Multichannel Platform in Free mode and discover all the features you need

Segmented lists

Send the perfect content to the perfect target audience
by segmenting your database

Cross-Channel Automation

Save time and resources by taking your communication to the next level

Clear API

To integrate our services with your favourite platforms

A/B Test

Compare your communications to maximise results

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Communication with customers can take place via SMS, email and messaging apps.
Business messaging solutions can be integrated via API with enterprise platforms and systems such as CRM and order management software, enabling a smooth workflow and centralised communication management.
Personalised messages allow relevant and tailored content to be sent to customers, improving engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.
Automating business communication processes, such as automatic sending of booking confirmations, appointment reminders and post-sales follow-ups, helps your business save time and improve operational efficiency, as well as deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.