rdcom messaging solutions are based on proprietary technologies that guarantee maximum delivery performance and security.

We guarantee maximum levels of assistance and support.


Sending SMS

Our messaging platform allows manual entry of a single name at a time or a larger upload of contacts which can be imported via a file. Of course it is possible to associate different additional parameters to each number entered to assist in the segmentation of your contacts to aid with increasing the relevancy of your communication.
The ability to create sub-accounts is reserved for Reseller users. If you could like to find out more information about this feature, please contact our support team at support[at]
When sending SMS, it is always advisable to avoid using characters that do not belong to the GSM standard or symbols.
The GMS network does not always recognise particular characters, such as the symbols • ¥ ¿Ä Æ É Ñ Ö Ø Ü ß ä å æ ñ ö ø ü which may therefore not be correctly displayed by the recipient.

Words in capital letters are not recommended except the name of the BRAND and for initials.

To be best understood, avoid using ambiguous abbreviations; if you enter a phone number, it is advisable to write it without entering spaces. Any links to multimedia content should be preceded and followed by space. Punctuation marks must be followed by a space to avoid being interpreted as a possible emoji.
The most frequent causes of non-delivery are normally due to poor coverage of the GSM network, wrong recipient number or address, absence of the international prefix, errors of various nature of the servers that manage queues and shipments, etc.

However, these are isolated cases that do not constitute a significant percentage in relation to the number of messages sent. In the case of incorrect typing of numbers or addresses, or in the case of errors on the server side, the cost of the messages is NOT charged.

Assistance & Technical Support

Our dedicated customer care service is active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.

You can call the team on: +39 045.884.11.99 or contact us by writing to support[at]

Purchase, Payments & Billing

It is possible to pay online by credit card. In this case, the purchased product is immediately available. Transactions take place in secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode and are protected by the security protocols of the “Verified by Visa” and Mastercard Secure Code International Circuits.

Payment by bank transfer must be supported by the following coordinates:
IBAN: IT96 K060 4559 7900 0000 5000 474

By sending, during office hours, a copy of the payment receipt to the address support[at], or via fax to the number 045 8841224, the top-up operations will be made within minutes.

The purchase invoice is issued after the purchase to the name / company name indicated during registration for the service. The data used for billing are those declared when registering to the platform; therefore the importance of a correct insertion of information is underlined.
From January 1st 2019, an obligation for electronic invoicing (Law 205 of 27/12/2017)

is introduced for companies.With regard to legal persons or all B2B relationships, as required by law, the invoice will arrive in electronic format (XLM), through the exchange code to the recipient code (SDI), or to the PEC address expressly communicated or registered to the Business Register.

For individuals and legal entities not subject to the regulations (B2C relations, natural persons, final consumers and other subjects not obliged to the PEC address) a document is produced in PDF format, which will be sent to the email address indicated by the user in the own account (INFO / USER DATA section) and made available in the same account (INFO / INVOICES section); this document contains the data relating to the purchase made (the same ones shown on the invoice) but will have no fiscal value.