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SMS Landing Pages are the ideal tool to complement and further enhance the activities you can perform using our SMS Advertising solution. Collect leads, gain insights, use call to actions and tell your brand’s story using the power of interactive images and high-quality videos.

An engaging and interactive mobile landing page brings your brand to life and is the perfect solution to deliver enhanced SMS marketing campaigns and achieve your desired results.

After you have decided on the objective of your campaign, choose the level of customisation of your mobile landing page. All of our Landing Pages are fully-responsive to deliver an enhanced user experience on all device types and to drive conversions. Bring your brand to life and tell the story of your products or services with images and videos.

Sending traditional bulk SMS to your current and potential customers is the ideal choice to deliver your message. However, sometimes 160 characters is just not enough to say everything you need to. Our responsive mobile landing pages take your campaign to the next level. Your message will be more visually engaging and capture the attention of the recipient and encourage them to take convert with call to action buttons!


A static and mobile-responsive web page composed of HTML with a central body with a Header and Footer. All sections can be customised with high quality images and text.

SMS Landing Page


Increase audience interaction by offering the opportunity to immerse themselves in your products or services by swiping between images and text and then ending with a call to action!

Storytelling Landing Pages


Insert a high quality video with our Movietelling option! Get the maximum benefit by inserting a call to action to compel your audience to convert!

Moving Telling SMS Landing Pages


Our team of dedicated experts are highly experienced and can build a personalised, responsive mobile landing page based on your objectives.

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Build Your Own SMS Landing Pages

Build Your Own SMS Landing Pages

Our drag & drop landing page builder guides you in building your SMS landing pages, meaning that anyone can create mobile responsive SMS landing pages that bring your products to life, increase user interaction and enable you to reach your marketing goals.

Fully Customisable

Keep your landing page aligned with your brand and incorporate your logo, branding, tone of voice to achieve a seamless user experience across each of your communication touchpoints.

Fully Customisable
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Call to Actions

Choose our Landing Pages and engage your audience on their mobile devices. Include to call to actions to increase click through rates and encourage your audience to interact with your customised landing page! 

Trackable Links

Gain insights into your users through fully trackable links to provide insights into your campaigns and what aspects of your landing page could be improved in the future depending on performance. Track user engagement and revenue generation and see where your ROI could be further improved.

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Data Collection 1

Data Collection

Enhance your own future marketing campaigns by collecting users’ data to contact them on additional marketing channels!




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