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GDPR & Data Protection

rdcom takes the security and protection of our clients’ data and privacy seriously.

Our commitment to this is reflected in the fact that we provide each of our customers with the necessary tools to protect and secure their personal data.

In addition to this, we have ensured that our multichannel messaging platform is fully compliant

rdcom Infrastructure & How We Ensure You are Data Compliant

GDPR Certified

We are constantly monitoring and auditing our infrastructure to guarantee the highest standards with GDPR and data protection.

When you are sending messaging campaigns, storing and collecting your recipients’ data, complying with the relevant legislation is not easy.

Don’t worry!

We have done all the hard work for you, meaning that you can concentrate on your customers and your messaging campaigns.


GDPR is a European Union wide regulation concerning the collection and management of users’ personal data on the internet. At the centre of GDPR is a core focus on simplifying the process for users, being transparent about how and why you are collecting their data and providing common legislation throughout the EU.


The platform and its infrastructure are all fully compliant meaning that you can relax and focus on delivery successful messaging campaigns.
Inside the platform we have included powerful and innovative tools to make sure that you are complying with the relevant legislation. Even if you try to send an email that does not comply with the legislation, the platform will simply not let you send it!

You can find them here – Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.