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Database Management

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One of the most important parts of successful communication strategies is sending the right content to the right people at the right time.

The rdcom platform helps you achieve this by providing the functionality to segment your database into different lists for sending granular emails and SMS that you know are going to resonate with your audience.

You have complete control over just how refined you want your campaigns to be!


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Import Your Contacts

Enter your contacts manually or import large volumes of contacts from CSV files. The platform recognises syntax errors within your database and will automatically remove any that are invalid.

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Keep Your Lists Clean

Having clean and profiled lists is the basis for successful email marketing campaigns. The platform automatically manages, identifies and processes the activities related to your mailing lists.

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Increase Your Customers

Build sign-up forms in HTML within the platform to help you increase your database by encouraging users to sign-up and be kept updated about your business.

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Manage Users’ Preferences

Our platform is highly intuitive and will process subscribers and unsubscribers itself, so you do not need to manually manage your database to keep it updated. This ensures that you are complying with the relevant legislation and fully respecting privacy laws.

Segment & Improve Performance

Our multichannel platform allows you to innovatively segment your database for improved performance and to ensure that the right person gets the right message at the right time. This is the foundation for sending successful email marketing campaigns and ensures that you are engaging your audience and working towards reaching your goals.

You can resend campaigns to those who did not open previous emails and even target those who have not opened or clicked through to your website by sending them a specially tailored campaign to increase engagement with your brand.

Some other ways in which you can segment your database include:

  • Demographics
  • Email Engagement
  • Geographical location
  • Past Purchases
  • Position in the Sales Funnel
segment and improve email marketing

It is this ability to segment your contacts that makes our multichannel platform so powerful, especially when it comes to using the channels together! It is easy for emails to get lost in someone’s inbox, so sending an SMS to a contact who hasn’t engaged with your emails is a great way of getting your message in front of them!