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rdcom Messaging API

rdcom has meticulously designed its messaging services to be accessible via any type of application to ensure that we are providing our clients with the highest levels of service.

This means that you can decide which protocol is most suited to your requirements, both in terms of interconnectivity and traffic. These protocols and recommendations are grouped together under the term, Application Programming Interface (API).

These various connections enable you to easily manage the sending of emails and SMS for both promotional and service announcements depending on your requirements.

All types of messages are processed by our powerful and reliable servers to provide you with a reliable solution to meet your messaging requirements.

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Simple Yet Powerful

Our API has been designed and developed to be as simple and accessible as possible.

Our API documentation clearly and comprehensively explains how to use the service with clear and practical examples. This ensures that you can get started straightaway and enjoy the power of our APIs.

To further complement this, our dedicated Support team is available to guide you through the implementation phase.

As the needs of our customers change, so do our processes to ensure that we are delivering the highest levels of service possible. Thanks to our APIs, your application sends SMS and emails with all the data remaining within your own internal systems for your convenience.