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Welcome to our InTouch Multichannel Platform for sending email and SMS campaigns.

We are dedicated to optimising your communication, offering you a powerful tool that effectively integrates your preferred communication channels.

With our solution, you reach your audience in a targeted and efficient manner, maximising the impact of your campaigns.


Be Creative

Use one of over 50 predefined templates, import an HTML file or use K-Bricks, rdcom’s plug & play editor to create email and landing page templates from scratch by dragging and dropping blocks of text, images, call to action buttons and other web design elements.


Give words the right importance! Use different headline levels, find the right mix of bold and italic and choose the font that best suits your brand.

Call to Action

Create visual boxes for your calls to action and immediately increase conversions


Amplify the resonance of your content and make it shareable on users' social networks. Maybe the next viral post will be yours?


Design interactive emails sharing the location of your shop or company headquarters to incentivise visits or drive in-store campaigns.

Be strategist

Enhance your database and value each contact to deliver personalised content: manage, segment, create lists, delete inactive accounts.
be strategit


Import your contacts by entering all available data such as first name, last name, place of residence, profession, date of birth. This will be your real list, i.e. the whole of your database.


Create virtual lists, i.e. sets of contacts with common characteristics that fall within the same target segment, for your business or campaign objectives.


Keep your database up-to-date by checking the frozen lists, i.e. the groups of contacts that the platform has automatically extracted from your recipients because, for various reasons, they were not receiving your emails.

Be analytic

Create, verify, improve, repeat: analyse real time data and infographics from the statistics section to understand the performance of your email and SMS campaigns.

Desktop and Mobile

The type of device from which your users view your email campaigns is important, and directly affects the usability of your content.


Monitor whether you are improving, cross-check your email and SMS campaigns and analyse trends over time.


Where are your readers and clickers coming from? Knowing this can help you target your offers and study targeted conversion campaigns.


Reading habits make it easier to define targeted strategies.

Be planner

Set up automatic mailings with internal triggers for birthdays, anniversaries or external reminders for abandoned shopping carts.


Choose from dozens of themed templates and send your users a birthday email with a customised discount code to incentivise purchases.


Set the date of subscription to your database as a trigger and celebrate with your longest loyal customers!


There can be countless reasons why a user discontinues a purchase on your e-commerce platform, but there are none for not reminding them that their items are waiting for them in their shopping cart!