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Discover the rdcom Multichannel Platform

Grow your business and reach your goals.

The new multichannel platform from rdcom is a user-friendly, messaging platform that puts the power of email and SMS marketing in your hands!

Our multichannel messaging platform is ideal for everyone, no matter what your level of experience is. Maybe you are taking your first steps into the world of business communication and are not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro in search of a new business messaging platform to match your ambitions.

The platform is beginner friendly yet complex enough to meet the demands of the most advanced user in search of a powerful solution to deliver a successful integrated communication strategy.

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Your Audience is Number One

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The most important part of planning a successful communication strategy is your audience. The more insights you have into them the more refined your email and SMS campaigns will be and the higher your levels of success.

The rdcom platform provides a variety of innovative tools to help you segment your audience and ensure that you are sending the right content to the right people at the right time for maximum engagement!

Analyse the performance of each campaign and gain insights from the detailed analytics section within the platform, helping you to improve your future campaigns!

Our Platform Helps You Grow Your Business

If you are a small or medium sized business looking to grow, we have the right tools to help you grow your database

and help turn your new customers into new, long-term customers.

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Sign-Up Forms

The platform includes built-in sign-up forms that you can use in your campaigns to help grow your audience.

Landing Pages

Bring your brand to life with our powerful and interactive landing pages that can be utilised as part of an SMS campaign to encourage sign-ups and to gain higher levels of insight into your customers.

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Drag & Drop Email Template Builder

Anyone can create high quality email marketing newsletters in their branding thanks to the user-friendly yet powerful drag and drop editor, K-Bricks. The editor comes with a wide range of pre-defined templates for different purposes to help you build the perfect newsletter!

Prefer to upload and work in HTML?

No problem, we have you covered!

Thanks to our drag & drop editor anyone can build professional quality emails. Choose from our range of pre-made templates and customise, or upload in HTML and modify them – the choice is yours!

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Our drag & drop editor gives you complete control over your templates: customise the spacing, border, background, call to actions, and much more!

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Every campaign sent from the rdcom platform is optimised and fully responsive across all devices – no coding knowledge is required! To give you extra peace of mind, the platform also has built in checking tools to preview your campaign in a range of devices, browsers and operating systems.

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Send your campaign as soon as everything is finished or schedule the campaign to be sent at a specific time and date in the future!

If you are sending a campaign to a different country, you can also schedule it to be sent at a certain hour based upon the local time zone.

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Discover the Power of Multichannel Messaging

When combined as part of an integrated strategy, email and SMS Marketing are even more powerful and offer endless possibilities!

Use the channels to complement each other and watch your open, read and engagement rates soar – they really do work best when used together!

Build relationships with first time customers and turn them into regular, long-term customers. Nurture relationships with longer terms customers and increase their loyalty to your brand!

Suitable For Everyone

We have designed our platform and its features to ensure that it is accessible to everyone. Whether you are a small business looking to grow or an international business looking for a multilingual platform to use across the globe, we have the right solution for you!

Build Automated Communication

Automated messaging speeds up and streamlines your communication and help to bring you closer to your customers. Use our APIs to help you achieve your goals, whether it is sending eCommerce transaction emails or abandoned cart emails to increase your online store’s revenue – our platform is powerful enough for you!

rdcom Platform FAQs

The rdcom platform is currently available in 3 different languages: English, Spanish and Italian. It is perfect for companies who currently enjoy an international presence and even those looking to break into new markets including resellers looking to improve their offerings to the market and grow their business.

The platform can be used to send emails and SMS, we have a variety of different packages depending on your needs.

The platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small start-ups through to large enterprises looking for a multichannel messaging solution.

Our Resellers’ programme allows the platform to be white labelled. Its multilingual functionality means that it can be used by companies with a presence on a global market or by those looking to expand to new countries.

Yes! We have developed the platform to ensure that anyone can create professional quality emails thanks to our innovative drag & drop editor, K-Bricks.

The platform comes with a wide choice of email marketing templates to use as the basis of your campaign. Alternatively, if you prefer to work in HTML, upload the code and either edit it using K-Bricks, or edit the HTML live within the platform – the choice is yours!

The rdcom platform has a variety of pricing options depending on your needs, including our Free version. Browse our platform’s pricing and features or register for your free account and start using our multichannel platform now!