Getting to Know Roberta Miatello

roberta mitello rdcom

Today we present our most recent new starter at rdcom: Roberta Miatello.

Our new UX Designer is part of the Products Team and is responsible for improving the experience of users of our services. Let’s find out more about our new colleague!

An SMS consists of 160 characters, use them to describe yourself.

Hi! I’m Roberta, I’ve a passion for foreign languages. I like to ponder the world around me. I’d like to do a thousand things a day, but I don’t always succeed.

Choose 3 adjectives that best describe you.

Empathetic, enthusiastic and anxious.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

Cooking, exercising and watching TV series. Before the pandemic I even went out! 🙂

Are you more of a message person (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) or email?

WhatsApp, absolutely! I would live on audio only, but unfortunately, they are not universally appreciated.

It’s your birthday and you’ve decided to cook something for your colleagues. What’s your specialty?

Cookies! And also pasta al forno (vegetarian).

You receive a company bonus of €1,000, which shop, or website would you spend it?

I would spend them on refresher courses! An NN Group certification in UX or the interaction design field! (A little bit also on clothes though).

It’s Friday night and we are going for drinks. What’s your pub order?

Beer or Americano.

How long have you been part of rdcom?

One month and a week! I only just got here.

Tell us your first impressions of your work and the company.

rdcom is a young and fresh company but I had perceived this even before starting! There is an atmosphere of innovation, personal qualities are enhanced and constitute an important detail.

I take care of improving the experience of users of rdcom products, I love my job and I believe there are many interesting ideas to work on both in terms of the user side and corporate objectives.

What are your expectations for the future?

My expectations are to grow, improve and learn! It is nice to see the results of your work materialise and the projects completed. I hope to carry out many projects with rdcom! 🙂