Getting to know, Miriam Munerato

Miriam Munerato ENG

We are delighted to announce that we have welcomed yet another shining talent into the rdcom ranks, our new Graphic & UX Designer, Miriam Munerato.

On a daily basis she divides her time between the Marketing and Product teams, demonstrating that she is a true multitasking professional. We caught up with Miriam between creating graphics to ask her a few questions to get to know her a little better.

An SMS consists of 160 characters, use them to describe yourself.

Hi! Well, I would say that Miriam is a lively little girl, who just needs to dance a little to change her mood and that she loves to surround herself with cats.

Choose 3 adjectives that best describe you.

Creative, spontaneous and a little moody *(we don’t think this is true).

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

When I can stop myself from binge-watching Netflix, I usually read, go out for drinks with friends or pretend to be a professional skater

Are you more of a message person (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) or email?

WhatsApp definitely. If I am confident enough, I send very long vowels because I am too lazy to write.

It’s your birthday and you’ve decided to cook something for your colleagues. What’s your specialty?

Cooking for me is one of the things that comes closest to torture, but I certainly wouldn’t leave my colleagues hungry. My options would be two: buy something in a good confectionery shop, or ask my mum to give me a hand, unfortunately she did not pass on her skills and passion for cooking to me.

You receive a company bonus of €1,000, which shop, or website would you spend it?

Traveling more and having new experiences is definitely one of my life goals, so I would most likely organise something and immediately go  and book something on Airbnb or somewhere similar.

It’s Friday night and we are going for drinks. What’s your pub order?

Having to raise my Venetian pride, I must specify that alcohol is alcohol and I do not disdain anything, but I usually choose either a classic spritz or a good glass of wine or a pint of Tennents.

 How long have you been part of rdcom?

About a month and a half.

Tell us your first impressions of your work and the company.

Joining rdcom was like joining a big family. The attention to people, the commitment to building relationships of trust, the ability to listen are only part of what I found in the company. rdcom presented itself as a balanced environment, in which the more human aspects are balanced by the right dose of ambition, innovation and growth

What are your expectations?

rdcom is an opportunity for me to further my expertise as a Graphic and UX Designer and in general to grow as a Creative. The premises and the inputs that I have already received seem to me an excellent starting point for a rich and formative path.