Getting to Know: Giulio Marino

featured image Giulio Marino

rdcom is always on the lookout for talented new staff to join our ranks. Among our most recent recruits we have Giulio Marino, our talented new Web Designer in the Marketing team. We decided to ask him a few questions to get to know him a little better and share them with you as well!

An SMS consists of 160 characters, use them to describe yourself.

Hi, I’m Giulio from Milan, a former long-haired guy who likes: Rick & Morty, arguing over the bad quality of a movie and erudition seen from far far away.

Choose 3 adjectives that describe you.

Blinded, detached, dishevelled

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

Promise myself that I will go running without ever doing so; watching movies based upon lists of genres, categories, actors, directors, recent ones, books by lists (and if I don’t follow a list the taste is not the same); move between old, antique, used objects.

Are you more of a message person (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) or email?

I definitely prefer messaging via WhatsApp, avoiding vowels.

It’s your birthday and you’ve decided to cook something for your colleagues. What is your specialty?

I / they hope that this eventuality never happens, but last Friday I ordered pizza kebab + sushi, I was thrilled, and I would gladly eat it again!

If you received a company bonus of € 1,000, which shopping site would you spend it on?

My girlfriend would reply Sephora immediately, so probably Sephora (Joke #? *!). I bet everything on eGlobal Central.

It’s Friday night and we are going to the pub after work. What’s you order?

I would start with a beer, continue with a MiTo and finish with a grappa or tequila.

How long have you worked at rdcom?

I am a new hire of almost 7 weeks.

Tell us your first impressions of your work and the company.

The easy environment is combined with a solid internal structure, which under the leadership of the CEO defines the strengths and prospects for the company’s evolution with a mix of experience and vision. There is an intention to grow rapidly and to expand and diversify the services offered. It is a large construction site at an advanced stage with a carefully laid foundation.

What are your expectations?

My life, like that of the company, is also evolving. I will use this opportunity to learn everything that can be taught to me, committing myself to absorb and cultivate new skills. Who knows if a more defined future is not actualised here.


Welcome, Giulio, we are very happy to have you on board! We hope that this new rdcom adventure will meet your expectations and allow all of us to grow together.