Why personalised Mobile Marketing is so effective

Mobile marketing allows you to delve into deeper levels of personalisation and turn real-time behaviours into a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ expectations and desires. This means that you can deliver highly targeted campaigns to individuals to increase loyalty and retention, while consistently driving high levels of conversions and revenue.

Understanding your audience enables you to deliver highly relevant campaigns; this is even more important when we consider that users now expect a highly personalised experience and 72% have said that they will only engage with personalised content.

This desire for personalisation within digital marketing is becoming increasingly prominent as it offers an enhanced overall user experience. While concerns do exist amongst consumers with regards to the privacy of their personal data, they are actually happy for their favourite brands to store information that will enhance their future interactions with that brand.

This means that if you are not ensuring that personalisation is part of your mobile marketing strategy and putting your audience at the centre of your interactions, then you are not delivering and meeting their expecations of brand interaction.

Mobile personalisation includes identifying and analysing user-specific data to enhance and customise your mobile marketing messaging across users’ mobile devices. This will ensure that you are building deeper, more meaningful relationships with your audience as you will be treating them as individuals as opposed to sending out a blanket message to large volumes of recipients.

In today’s landscape, one of the key reasons as to why consumers switch off from a brand and become disengaged is down to a lack of personalisation; incorporating greater elements of personalisation into your mobile messaging strategy will go a long way in increasing levels of customer engagement and retention.

By personalising content and communication throughout the customer journey via mobile marketing, brands can increase engagement and generate greater amounts of revenue.

How does Personalised Mobile Marketing Work?

The process starts with gaining a deeper understanding of your audience by collecting and analysing relevant data. The data that you should be looking at, includes:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Preferences
  • Previous purchase history

Using this data, you should start by segmenting your customers into different user profiles. This enables you to target them via highly targeted content and messaging in the future and improve your campaigns’ performance.

From this point it is possible to decide the level of personalisation that you wish to incorporate into your mobile marketing strategy. This could start off as something as simple as including the user’s name in an email or SMS when sending them a specific tailored offer based upon their previous purchase history.

Alternatively, if you have customers on an international basis, ensure that you are sending out messaging in line with their local time-zone to fully enhance levels of engagement. For a more personalised experience ensure that you are sending out content and messaging that is related to the users’ locality. For example, if you are eCommerce clothing company send out suggested items of clothing related to the recipient’s season to properly target that segmentation of your database, or send them content related to a local celebration in their country to help them feel closer to your brand.

This level of hyper-personalisation is a simple yet power technique to turn casual members of your database into loyal and engaged customers.

Integrate SMS with the Email for Increased Engagement

Ensure that you are integrating SMS marketing with email marketing to improve your communication and increase overall revenue. The channels combined power are a natural fit to increase engagement across a range of touchpoints to keep your brand fresh in your recipients’ minds.

SMS Marketing allows you to instantly connect with you audience as your message will land directly in their mobile phone’s uncluttered inbox, meaning that the message will get the attention of the recipient.

The channel enables you to send messages that are:

  • Relevant: SMS is a highly powerful channel, despite its relative simplicity. It has the power to drive engagement thanks to its ability to provide a solution for sending highly relevant content an messages.
  • Sent at the right time: Thanks to quick deliverability and impressive metrics, SMS means that you can connect with your customers much quicker compared to other messaging channels.
  • Provide value: Integrating your email marketing and SMS marketing databases means that you can increase the number of ways in which you can connect with your customers.

Engage Throughout the User Journey

Through mobile marketing you can send out engaging campaigns that have been specially designed for mobile and that bring your brand to life with engaging content. For example, if a brand that has stocked has recently brought out a new range of products, consider sending out a quiz to members of your audience that you know are interested in the brand that matches their personality type with one of the recently released products.

Based upon the results of the quiz, you can send out a series of emails about the new products that you have in stock, and if they have not made a purchase, consider sending them a personalised code via SMS that provides free delivery if they purchase a product from your new stock.

Using this type of fun and engaging content with personalisation across multiple touch points has the potential to be incredibly powerful and result in consistent amounts of revenue being generated.

Other ways to engage your audience using the channels could include:

  • Personalised appointment reminders
  • Purchase reminders based around previous purchase history
  • Abandoned cart emails to aid in increasing revenue
  • Birthday greetings combined with a discount code
  • Shipment confirmations and order status updates

Utilising a personalised multichannel mobile marketing strategy, it is possible for brands to engage both active and lapsed customers before, during and after the conversion process to enhance the customer experience deepen the relationship between the brand and its audience. This will only have a positive impact upon the brand’s performance metrics, including increase website traffic and sales.

Delivery a mobile experience that matters and makes a difference is essential for brands looking to engage with new and existing customers and generate increased amounts of revenue. Your audience have their mobile device with them most of the time and check it multiple times a day, meaning that it is the most personal device that they use. Through conducting in-depth analysis, it is possible to glean extensive insights into a user’s behaviour and preference, and for brands to develop an informed image of their current and new customers.

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