generation z in the street

Members of Generation Z are now coming of age and enjoying a higher degree of spending power and are actively purchasing goods and services.

If you are not working towards engaging this demographic, then now is the time to consider how to incorporate them into your marketing campaigns and audience targeting.

What is Generation Z?

Pew Research has determined that members of Generation Z encompass those born between 1997 and 2012, and today the group spans the ages of 8 to 23. There is often misconceptions surrounding the demographic, and they are often lumped in together with Millennials; however, some millennials are now actually turning 40 with the group being born between 1980 to 1997.

Understanding the difference between Generation Z and Millennials is essential, as while they will inevitably share similarities, you need to adopt slightly different approaches if you are to resonate successfully with them and grow your customer base with this emerging demographic.

Generation Z is Less Likely to Trust Companies and Marketing

This is a key point that cannot be emphasised enough: members of Generation Z are less likely to trust conventional marketing and advertising compared to Millennials.

They have grown up with social media around them and are not as easily swayed when it comes to marketing and advertising. Instead of choosing a brand based upon an advertisement, they are more likely to consult their social media feeds and seek out positive reviews from their friends and wider network.

Therefore, as a brand you need to be ensuring that you develop a voice that they perceive to be genuine and displaying a strong level of authenticity. Ask Generation Z to play a part in building your company and demonstrate that you value and welcome their feedback to help you improve your level of service.

As a demographic they are used to being served with high volumes of adverts and targeted communication and therefore you need to ensure that you are capturing their attention and compelling them to re-engage with your brand in the future.

This is an essential point, as studies have shown that members of Generation Z actually have less brand loyalty compared to other generations and are happy to opt for another brand if they feel that it will give them exactly what they are looking for.

Therefore, you really need to provide a highly personalised experience and demonstrate that you genuinely value their input and speak to them on a personal level.

Essentially, following each purchase you will need to win them over again to ensure that you are building on the relationship and demonstrating that you value their input and help curate an authentic brand voice.

Why SMS is the Ideal Channel to Engage with Generation Z

While you will need to take a multichannel approach when marketing to Generation Z, SMS needs to be included as one of your channels. Members of the demographic use their mobile phones throughout the day and use it as their number one device as opposed to a laptop. In many ways the device has become an extension of themselves and it you really do need to consider a mobile first strategy when engaging with them.

Sending SMS enables you to cost-effectively reach them on the device that Generation Z use the most and that they keep close to themselves throughout the day. This provides you with quick and easy access to deliver your important communications and ensure that they are going to be read.

Communicating with them in this way provides you with the ideal opportunity to shape the relationship and effectively enable them to become ambassadors for your brand. This could include creating personalised discount codes for them and encouraging them to forward the code to their friends for redemption.

This level of peer endorsement is essential for Generation Z and will enable you to grow your audience in the long-term. Alternatively, you could run a competition where in order to enter and have more chances of winning they need to encourage their friends to enter via SMS, thus further helping you grow your database.

As mentioned earlier, ensuring that you appear authentic and clearly demonstrate that you value their input is in shaping your brand is essential. Show that you value their feedback by asking for their opinion on your services and brand via SMS, this could be something as simple as asking them a short series of questions to get their feedback and use it to your advantage to improve your business in the future.

SMS Marketing provides value to any marketing campaign but this is especially the case when targeting Generation Z; sign-up for your free trial of the rdcom platform and start sending your SMS Marketing campaign today!