Marketing Automation

Since the advent of the internet, business owners and marketers have become accustomed to the shift of traditional marketing into the digital sphere. Previously the focus was upon printed material in magazines and leaflets, however those days have long gone, and digital is now the key arena in which brands battle to gain the attention of their target audience.

The digital marketing industry is still mostly dominated by specialist agencies, but more and more companies have started to branch out from traditional marketing and are beginning to incorporate digital marketing professionals and department within their internal teams.

Not only does this prove lucrative in terms of costs but it also provides a greater amount of control over processes and campaigns, as well as a plethora of data to inform both their on and offline strategies.

This adoption of digital channels and teams within companies has gathered pace over the previous five years and it has enabled brands to learn more about their customers, and even establish and enhance long-term relationships by providing personalised content that has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of various segmentations of your audience.

An increasing number of brands and marketers are realising the benefits of increased revenue that personalised marketing provides, especially when it comes to email and social media marketing.

Including this in your strategy means that this highly personalised content captivates the user’s attention and drives them to your website. This helps to speed up their journey through your purchase funnel, quickly moving them from a new user all the way through to a new and happy customer.

It also has revenue driving opportunities for your existing customers, personalising their marketing around their purchase history or viewing behaviour. Essentially you know what they are interested in and what their purchase triggers are.

Ensuring that you are utilising all of these opportunities related to digital marketing will mean that your return on investment will increase thanks to acquiring new customers, while also ensuring that you are serving your existing customers with material that you know is going to compel them to purchase from you.

Challenges Faced in Digital Marketing

One of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing is the level of work and detail required across a plethora of channels to ensure that it is a long-term success. This is where investing in marketing automation is important as when it is done well it really helps to push your business forward and generate considerable amounts of revenue.

One of the most important aspects is planning properly and having a clear idea of what you wish to achieve. This should include having a clear plan of how you will drive your users from where they currently are in relation to your sales funnel and deciding how you will move them through each stage. Each step should have a clearly defined plan, including content that will resonate with them and help move them along your conversion funnel.

Start with Segmenting Your Lists

The first step of marketing automation is to start with clear segmented lists as these will enable you to start sending the appropriate content and offerings to your audience. It should therefore not come as a surprise that one of the most effective tools for marketing automation is email marketing.

The channel enables you send trigger emails based upon factors such as open rates, email clicks, in-depth readers, and even those who opened your emails after a specific length of time has passed. After having refined with your lists with this approach, you can dive down into an even more granular level and segment the lists further based upon additional data.

This enables you to find out the what content resonates with certain sub-sections of your audience, helping to build campaigns and create content that you know is going to help you in your quest of elevating your ROI.

Automation also allows you to bring yourself closer to your users and send out welcome series for your product or services,  send personalised discount codes on birthdays, and even send offers to entice back lapsed customers. All of these emails can be complemented with content based upon the user’s previous purchase history, or in the case of new customers, content that is realted to their demographics based upon learnings from your current customers. These tactics are incredibly powerful for eCommerce companies as the incentive of a discount code coupled with personalised content is a sure-fire revenue driver that will help you achieve your business goals.

Pairing Email with SMS Marketing

Ideally you should also consider enhancing your email marketing automation with the power of SMS marketing, as unarguably, the two are most powerful when combined in a multichannel context. SMS is often seen as being somewhat unglamorous, but it boasts some of the most impressive metrics in relation to other digital marketing channels and can therefore be utilised to enhance performance when paired with other channels.

It should be no surprise that there are large numbers of companies investing in email marketing and it can be difficult for your message to be heard amongst the competition. Even when preparing and send the perfect email that would truly resonate with the recipient, there is always the chance that it will get lost in their inbox due to an avalanche of emails waiting for them.

This is where automated SMS is ideal as a flow can be setup to send the SMS to users who have not opened your emails and informing them that there is an important email waiting for them in their inbox. It should not be a surprise that when both channels are used in this way that both open and read rates increase, while revenue generation enjoys substantial increases.

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