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Most companies are now aware of the power of mobile and have embraced the channel to reach and engage their customers. The increased competition now means that brands must do even more to stand out from their competitors.

Opting for an SMS Marketing campaign means that you will benefit from its impressive metrics and will enjoy a sold basis for your digital communication strategy.

However, more and more brands are now opting to incorporate Bulk SMS campaigns into their marketing strategies, meaning that complementing it with an SMS landing page will improve your communication and further increase your return on investment.

What is a Mobile Landing Page?

A mobile landing page is a page specially designed for mobile devices that is accessed via a hyperlink that is sent within an SMS. When you click on the link a web page opens that has been created to a brand’s specifications in order to encourage sign-ups or purchases of a product or service.

This means that the page is going to be highly focused and targeted on compelling a user to complete an action. While there are other digital platforms that provide this functionality, none of them provide the same levels of cost-effectiveness and refinement that mobile landing pages offer.

How do Mobile Landing Pages Enhance SMS Marketing Campaigns?

While the metrics associated with SMS Marketing are impressive, it is only possible to send a message consisting of 160-characters at the most. This means that there is the need to add an additional dimension to improve your campaign and a landing page is the ideal feature to complement your campaign.

A mobile landing page enables your business to properly showcase your offering through images and videos and increase click through rate and generate more leads for your business. They are also ideal as they allow brands to add fully trackable URLs that are provide full and detailed insights into a campaign’s performance.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Landing Page?

When used effectively, mobile landing pages provide brands with two main benefits:

  • Maximise conversions and increase conversion rates
  • The collection of enhanced levels of users’ data

Both are achieved thanks to the effectiveness of the two channels collaborating together and the impressive metrics that they offer to brands. The conversion rate is increased thanks to the impressive open and read rates of SMS – the click through rates from SMS are around 80%, which is equally impressive when we compare it to other communication channels.

A landing page’s ability to gain enhanced levels of customer data and their behaviour on the landing page means that it is an incredibly powerful tool for brands to utilise.

It also provides further information around users’ devices, broswers, their location, and even which part of the landing page they engaged the most with. This data helps you take learnings from your campaign and make refinements for even better performance further down the line.

How is a Mobile Landing Page Used?

The landing page can be designed in line with a company’s branding for consistency to provide a fully immersed brand experience.

The purpose of a landing page should always be to generate conversions; the advantage of sending them via an SMS is that the user is going to be opted-in to receiving communication from your business and will be looking to hear from you, this means that you will have a greater chance of converting and generating a stronger return on your investment.

Once the landing page is sent via SMS, all the user needs to do is click on the link contained within the message and then the user is able to redeem the offer or make a purchase.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key advantages is the insight into each user’s behaviour and how they interact with your campaign; perhaps some users interact better with imagery and others with text, so segment your users based upon these insights and tailor the campaigns around elements that they interact better with.

This will provide you with enhanced results in the long-term and ensure that your SMS Marketing return on investment is further improved to deliver long-term success.