How to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rate

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Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels to improve your business goals and build stronger relationships between your brand and audience.

Despite the big changes which have characterised digital communications over the recent years, it remains one of the most effective tools to engage new customers and develop and maintain loyalty.

A successful email marketing strategy includes personalised messages, analysis of users’ interests and behaviour. However, none of these considerations are possible without an in-depth analysis of your campaigns’ performance over a period of time.

Evaluating the performance of your email marketing campaigns is the starting point to reach and exceed your performance objectives and reach your KPIs.

One of the most meaningful metrics to measure the impact of your email marketing strategy is the open rate of your campaigns.

What is Email Marketing Open Rate?

A campaign’s open rate is the percentage which represents how many of your recipients opened your emails. The open rate is not the only metric to consider when evaluating the performance of your campaigns, but it is one of the most significant that needs to be examined.

Therefore, it is important to choose an email marketing platform that provides in-depth reports and analysis about previous campaigns’ performance. This is one of the most important features of the rdcom Multichannel Platform, a powerful solution to deliver a successful integrated communication strategy for your business.

What is a Good Email Marketing Open Rate?

An email marketing campaign’s open rate varies depending on the specific sector.

According to Hubspot, these are some Email benchmarks broken down by different industries for 2020:

  • Computer & Electronics – 19%
  • Business Services – 20%
  • Software and Internet – 20%
  • Media and Entertainment – 21%
  • Telecommunications – 21%

As you can see, the average email marketing open rate is around 20%.

These percentages may also vary according to the evolution of digital communication over the years, or economical periods.

Nowadays, for example, most people have constant and uninterrupted access to the Internet via their smartphones, meaning that more people are using email as a primary communication channel compared to 10 years ago.

How to Improve your Email Marketing Open Rate

Now that you have learned why open rate is so crucial for the efficacy of your Email Marketing Campaigns, the question turns to: how do I increase my email open rate?

The following considerations are some of the main actions that can be taken to help boost your open rates.

1. Email Database Management

The starting point is to ensure that you are sending your email marketing campaigns to people who have given you their clear and expressed permission to contact them via their email address for marketing purposes.

On the contrary, not only you will be violating regulations on Privacy and GDPR, but you will also have an email marketing database composed of contacts who are not interested in receiving communications from you and this will actually impact their impression of your brand.

Ensuring that you are using effective database management tools to manage your email marketing lists and ensure that you are not sending campaigns to those who have opted-out is a core component for a successful digital marketing strategy.

2. Avoid Spam

It may happen that your clients do not read your emails, not because they are not interested in the content of them, but because messages end up in their email client’s spam folder.

This can be a problem when sending commercial proposals or transactional emails related to purchases or orders.

To avoid your messages being deemed as spam, is essential to create your email campaigns on platforms provided with an Anti-Spam Checker, which helps you to avoid common pitfalls that mean that messages end up being marked as spam.

3. Personalise your Messages

Once you are sure that your customers will be able to read your emails, it is important to make your messages personalised based upon their interests.

Visual and textual personalisation is essential to capture the attention of your customers and entice them to buy your products or services.

If you are not a graphic designer you can easily obtain great results when creating email templates by using drag & drop editors to build professional newsletters.

A good expedient may also be using email marketing automations, which help you to capture and increase your customers’ engagement and assist in helping you reach your business goals.

4. Make Use of Reporting Features

You cannot improve your future Marketing Campaigns without measuring the results of the previous ones.

Ensuring that your chosen email marketing platform has the possibility to provide enhanced reporting and statistics, including comparisons, will greatly assist you in obtaining higher open rates and greater revenue generation in both the short and long-term.

Most of the statistics are in real-time, so that the process of measuring-improving is immediately integrated in your digital strategy.

Now that you have learned what open rate means and why it is so important for your email campaigns try to combine this powerful tool with other Marketing channels as SMS that can be complemented with innovative featurs, including mobile Landing Pages. You will obtain evident improvement on your ROI (return on investment) and on the effectiveness of your communication.