Develop a Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaign

b2b email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful channel that can be used to generate quality leads and increased revenue for any business. However, the B2B sphere can be especially challenging due to the fact that the conversion process tends to be longer compared to B2C.

B2B email marketing can be incredibly effective when it comes to nurturing leads and generating new business to grow your company. Planning your campaign is one of the most important steps and the way in which you plan and execute your campaign will depend on your type of business and target customers.

As B2B refers to the buying and selling of products or services between two different business entities, it is important that the design of the email and the language used is reflective of this; failing to adhere to these important aspects could see your B2B email marketing attempts failing to generate the desired results. However, if you put the right amount of planning into your email marketing strategy, you will discover why the channel is one of the most powerful when it comes to the B2B sector.

Design & Develop a B2B Email Marketing Plan

If you are to achieve long-lasting success, it is essential that you create a robust B2B email marketing plan that is aligned with your business goals. This is a crucial step as it ensures that you have clear ideas that can provide clarity and that you can execute immediately. Therefore, it is imperative that you dedicate a substantial amount of time to this to ensure that you are starting out effectively and working towards achieving your long-term goals.

Keep reading to find out how you can develop your own B2B email marketing plan and increase revenue.

Understanding Your Target

Taking the time to gain a clear understanding of your target audience is the first crucial step in creating an email marketing plan that will consistently produce high quality results to help you achieve your objectives.

When marketing your product or service in the B2B sector, it is imperative that you identify the challenges facing businesses and understand how your offerings address and meet these challenges. This not only provides insights into developing your campaign, but you can also utilise this to your advantage and ascertain where your product or services needs to be refined for further improvement.

Develop Your Audience Persona

Before you send your first campaign you should sit down and decide who your target customer is. This means that you are fully informed about your audience and able to write and send them the perfect email that will compel them to act. These personas are important as they enable you to develop a clearer picture of your audience and help you in your quest to generate leads from your email marketing strategy.

Some considerations for developing your B2B audience persona should include:

  • Think about how your product or service solves the problem that the person is facing. What challenges are they currently facing? How does your business solve their issue? Why should they decide to choose your business over your competitors’?
  • It is important that you develop a clear understanding of the businesses that you are targeting; important considerations should include the type of business, their size and the countries in which they are based.
  • If you have experience of the B2B niche, then you will be aware that the time to make a purchase is considerably longer than B2C due to the range of individuals involved in the purchasing process.

Including these different considerations throughout the development of your audience persona enables you to have a clearer insight into the companies you are targeting. Not only is this going to have a positive impact upon your email marketing campaigns, but it will also improve your overall different strategy, including content marketing campaigns.

Define Measurable Goals

Goals are essential for any digital marketing campaign, without them it is not possible to measure success and achieve the desired growth. Defining your goals and objectives will enable you to effectively grow your business and enhance your place within the market.

It is important to set goals that are both achievable and measurable. Assess the current performance of your business and choose a percentage increase that is going to be achievable that you can accurately measure.

When deciding your goals there should always be numbers involved to help you fully and accurately measure growth and success.

Analyse & Refine for Enhanced Performance

Once you have refined and executed your B2B email marketing plan, the fun does not stop there!

It is important that after each email marketing campaign is sent that you spend some time assessing the performance and determine where improvement is needed; this should include assessing the recipients who read and who did not read your campaigns.

This will enable you to further refine your campaign and its messaging and then maybe expand your marketing plan and incorporate new target audiences based upon this data. This refinement will lead to increased campaign performance and better results in the future that will ensure that you are effectively growing your business in the medium to long-term.

Alternatively, if you notice that your campaign is not performing this also provides you with an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. Taking a step back from your campaign to assess your email marketing campaign and improving it will ensure that you are not being left behind by your competition.

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