Email Marketing Automation Strategies for eCommerce

Every eCommerce website is always looking to increase sales, revenue and return on investment from their marketing efforts. As well as investing in a comprehensive SEM strategy to increase visibility for keywords with stronger buyer intent, it is also essential to development and implement an effective communications strategy to complement this. This is also applicable for those eCommerce businesses that have physical stores in addition to their websites.

Keeping in touch with customers provides intangible value to the growth of an eCommerce business, the most effective way in doing this is to invest and develop an email marketing automation strategy.

If you want to cost-effectively increase eCommerce transactions, grow your average order value and increase revenue, then check out our examples of email marketing automation tactics and watch your customers’ brand loyalty grow.

welcome email ecommerce

Welcome Emails

Sending a welcome to new subscribers creates a good first impression of your brand and helps to build trust and form a relationship with new customers in the long-term. As this is your first interaction it is important to make a positive impression and make the interaction one that they will remember and help keep your brand at the forefront of their mind.

You should plan to send a welcome email each time someone signs up to your newsletter and a thank you email after they have made their first purchase. Ideally both should be sent out within an hour of either action being taken and should be personalised to include the customer’s name.

When sending out a welcome email you should including some of the following to assist in increasing revenue:

  • Offer a small discount code to provide an incentive for their first purchase.
  • Keep the tone of your email personal and friendly, don’t overthink it too much.
  • Ensure that you include a call-to-action to encourage them to start shopping immediately. If you know that they are interested in a specific category or brand, then include relevant offers related to this.

abandoned cart email for ecommerce

Abandoned Carts

There are so many distractions in the modern world that even the most dedicated of online shoppers can get distracted!

This means that they will start the shopping process, put their chosen products into their basket but then end up abandoning their cart right in the middle of the checkout process.

It is estimated that 74% of online shoppers abandon their carts during the checkout process, meaning that substantial amounts of revenue are going to waste. This is where sending out abandoned cart emails come in. They remind your customers that they have items in their basket and encourage them to come back and finish the process.

Building a compelling abandoned cart email can help in recovering around 15% of this lost revenue. The following tips below should be used as a starting point in crafting your emails and help to ensure that they complete their purchase:

  • Include having a time limit on how long the items are kept in the basket before they are made available to other users; playing on your audience’s fear of missing out can go a long way in encouraging them to get their credit card out and complete the purchase!
  • Offer them a small incentive to complete their purchase, such as free shipping.
  • Provide a prominent call to action button within the email to enable them to easily pick up where they left off in the checkout process.

post purchase email for ecommerce


Even once your new customers have made their first purchase you should still be following up to further enhance the relationship. Not only does this help to build a closer relationship with your customers, but it also helps you to gain insights into your service and find areas that you need to work on and improve.

Setup a short survey and ask your customers what they liked about shopping with you and what could maybe do with a little improvement. This shows that you appreciate your customers and value their feedback, helping them to feel closer to your brand and increasing their brand loyalty.

This is also a good time to ask them to leave a review on an external review platform or your social media pages. This is an excellent way in which to increase your brand awareness and having your customers provide social proof to their friends is one of the most powerful ways in which to grow your audience and gain new, loyal customers.

Additional tips to utilise post-purchase emails, include:

  • Provide a unique personalised discount code for their next purchase, even 5% is enough to provide an incentive and further increase your revenue.
  • Not only could you ask for a review on your Facebook page but also provide a sharing button for your customers to organically share their experience and your brand on social media.

personalised upsell email for ecommerce

Personalised Upsells

Having a strategy to get your current customers increasing the frequency of their orders and their average order value is a lucrative way in which to increase your overall eCommerce revenue and provides obvious major benefits for your online store.

This is where using personalised marketing can have major benefits as you are encouraging customers to purchase based upon their purchase history, meaning you know what they are interested in and serving them with the relevant products with a higher order value.

To get the most out of this strategy ensure that you are utilising the previous purchase history and offering relevant products of a higher value. However, you must offer something that is a realistic purchase and not something that is substantially higher in price.

This is also a good opportunity to cross-sell products , if a segment of your database bough a pair of trousers last time, provide suggestions on jumpers or shirts that would look good with their purchase.

re-engagement email for ecommerce

Engage Lapsed Customers

Your customers will have many different options when it comes to purchasing products like yours, so do not be surprised if they opt to purchase from a competitor and not shop with you for a while. They also lead busy lives and juggle commitments, so unsurprisingly they may just simply forget how much they like your store and products.

This is where re-engagement emails come into play and help to bring your customers back and encourage them to purchase from you.

These emails should gently remind the recipient of your brand and your unique selling points, ideally these should also be complemented by a discount code to get them to make that first purchase again.

Even something like 10% will be enough for them to have a browse of your website and get their wallet out.

Further ideas and tips include:

As well as a discount code, offer free shipping, entry into a prize draw or even a free product when they spend a certain amount of money.

  • Use language that will capture the recipient’s attention and engage them to read the content of your email
  • Segment your database and use A/B testing of images and copy to see which is most effective with certain demographics of users and use this to inform your future campaigns.

new stock email ecommerce

New Stock

Everyone likes to feel special and providing exclusivity around your new stock can really work well and help to increase revenue from these new arrivals.

Segment your audience based upon their previous purchase history and send them specially tailored emails about the new stock that you have recently got in. This can work particularly well if you give your database an exclusive preview of the stock and only make it available to your audience before it is put live to the wider public on your website.

This helps to create exclusivity around your products, while also ensuring that your audience feel valued in the long-term.

milestone email for ecommerce

Anniversary & Milestone Emails

The more you show the love to your customers, the more loyal they will be to your brand in both the medium and long-term. Afterall, it is much cheaper to retain and grow your relationship with an existing one rather than acquire a new customer, so make the most of them! The more you work on your relationship, the closer your brand will be to the forefront of the mind of your audience and the more likely they will be to spend their hard-earned money on your offerings.

Make your audience feel valued and send them an automated email on their one year anniversary of signing-up to your mailing list with a dedicated discount as a way to say thank you. This small touch can go a long way in helping to make them feel closer to your brand and encourage them to purchase, even if they were not actually planning on doing so!

Of course, you should also send them special emails for their own personal milestones to help them feel truly valued and engaged with your brand.

The rdcom platform offers a powerful internal and external automation features for email and SMS marketing, meaning that you can easily incorporate these strategies into your marketing communication plan for the upcoming year and beyond!

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