Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email

Amp for email

Here at rdcom we are delighted to announce that our Multichannel Platform now supports the AMP for Email protocol. This means that you can provide your emails’ recipients with a richer, more dynamic and engaging email marketing experience that updates in real time with personalised, interactive content to increase engagement with your brand.

What is AMP for Email?

AMP for Email is an evolution of Google’s AMP initiative which was developed with the aim of enhancing the speed and user experience of the Internet for those browsing on mobile devices. You may have seen them in search results, especially Google News, with a little blue lightning bolt to indicate that the web page is using the AMP open-source framework.

This results in faster loading web pages for those browsing on mobiles, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

AMP functionality was then rolled out to Email as the number of people using their mobile handset as their primary device continued to increase. However, the framework has numerous advantageous features, which make your emails more interactive and provides something more akin to the experience on a mobile app or desktop.

Interactive AMP Email

The evolution of email marketing

AMP for Email is a major evolution of the email channel that creates a range of opportunities for marketers as it moves away from the limitations imposed by regular emails.

Users are able to engage with your content or merchandising directly in the body of the email and even complete actions. This is highly advantageous as it takes away the need to go through to a landing page and streamlines the path to conversion.

Your email recipients will be able to benefit from an array of new features and functionalities. This has numerous advantages for your brand to maximise revenue and lead generation activities.

At the moment, AMP for Email is available to Gmail users on both desktop and mobile devices.

A richer inbox experience

AMP for Email provides an abundance of opportunities for senders to provide a richer and more engaging user experience. You can add interactive multi-page content so users can better engage with your emails and are more likely to interact with your brand and convert.

This can be complemented by sending dynamic content, which empowers your customers to update and refresh content in real time, meaning that you can be sure that they have access to your most recent and relevant offerings.

Users can dynamically access content that is most of interest to them and the functionality to add carousels means that they can scroll through various products or services. All of these rich experiences can be delivered and interacted with without having to leave the comfort of the inbox.

In this way it is possible to showcase a range of products that are in line with your users’ interests, and then having the functionality for them to further refine the products shown based upon their needs. Again, this is highly advantageous for increased engagement and revenue generation.

Essentially, you are able to serve users with the content they are most interested in and ready to engage with during that particular micro-moment, ensuring that you are fully meeting their demands and empowering them with greater control over the interaction and shaping it on their terms.

The ability to incorporate a range of fresh content means that your emails are always up to date and the infinite scroll functionality means your emails will provide a better experience for your users and maximise engagement with your content.

All of this enhanced functionality is possible thanks to the interactive components for layout options that are available with the protocol. You can also be assured that if the inbox provider does not support AMP for Email, then your email will fall back to standard HTML.

Interactive emails

This interactive functionality means that you can include product carousels, accordions and add to cart functionality. This makes it the ideal choice for eCommerce companies looking to increase conversion rates and maximise revenue by sending out fully interactive abandoned cart emails that not only amplifying engagement but offer greater opportunities for up and cross sells.

This can be done by including product carousels to remind your users that an item is waiting to be purchased – the real-time functionality of  AMP for Email means that you can add product stock levels to evoke fear of missing out and compel users to purchase in that particular moment – this can also be utilised for adding discounts on specific products to further compel users to take action.

You can also include items that would complement those sitting in their basket to maximise revenue. Set up a rule in your eCommerce solution to offer a small discount code on these extra items and consistently increase your average-order-value.

Complete actions

Recipients are able to complete actions, such as book appointments or confirm their attendance at events, all from inside the email without having to click-through to a website or third-party platform.

If you are an eCommerce company then it is also possible for users to add items to their cart within the body of the email without even having to visit your website or landing page.

Essentially, users will enjoy an application-like experience, enabling brands to increase engagement and levels of penetration. Providing convenience and ease of payment is a sure-fire way for your brand to maximise revenue and return on investment from your Marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some of the core elements that are going to appeal to those of you from a Marketing perspective the most.

AMP image carousels

The inclusion of carousels means that your emails will be truly interactive. Recipients can click or swipe through a range of offerings from within the email itself. This functionality provides a plethora of opportunities for a range of different senders across different sectors who are looking to ensure maximum engagement with their content during specific micro-moments.

You can set up carousels with different functionalities, including: a basic carousel as a continuous strip of images that can be scrolled through; a list of images as slides; auto-play functionality that progresses to the next slide without any action by the user.

AMP Email Carousel


AMP form

This element allows you to add a fully functioning form into your emails. Use it to send surveys, get feedback and for users to update their preferences. The ease of use will mean that the data gained will be greater compared to those going through to a landing page or other method of submission.


AMP selector

The AMP selector is perfect for eCommerce brands and lets you add various options into a form, including your company’s products. The user is then free to choose items based upon size, colour, fit etc.

AMP list

The list element provides the ability to view email content updated in real time. Your emails will always display fresh content, including the latest content for your blog, products in stock and relevant revenue-driving offer codes.

We will soon be taking a deep dive into the various possibilities AMP for Email offers and the benefits its offers to brands and companies all of sizes – stay tuned!