5 Halloween Email Marketing Strategies (2020)


Halloween is one of the most popular festivals in Anglo-Saxon countries, and undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the Autumn period.

Born as a Celtic festivity, it has now spread all over the world becoming a global celebration and one that offers brands a plethora of opportunities to reach new customers and generate increased amounts of revenue.

According to Finder, the average spending for Halloween in 2019 in the UK was around £474 million. This is a considerable amount of money and one that offers brands an opportunity to further increase revenue ahead of one of the most important quarters in the eCommerce calendar.

As the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the purchasing habits of consumers around the globe, it is now even more important than ever that brands and companies are adopting a digital first mindset to ensure that they are adapting to these changes.

After the initial stages of the pandemic and easing of lockdowns, an evident decrease in high street shops was seen, and people increasingly started to shop online.

The current shopping landscape is unlikely to change any time soon, because changes in consumer behaviour may become long-lasting once habits have been adopted over a sustained period.

In addition to this, small and medium sized companies will have to deal with cuts in their resources and the increasing need for cheaper digital channels to increase reach and revenue.

Among these, Email marketing undoubtedly stands out. It is an excellent communication tool for both small and large companies: it is less expensive than traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio or print, and allows businesses to generate increased amounts of interaction from users who can read a variety of content, even highly tailored, on their mobile device.

In addition to this, it is possible to check a campaign’s performance in real time thanks to the ability to monitor clicks, open rate and the amount of revenue generated on a campaign by campaign basis.

How to create effective Email Marketing strategies for Halloween

Enjoying Halloween email marketing success means more than just using a few catchphrases. The content, both visual and textual, must be tailored to your target audience, this should include captivating and diversified messaging according to the strategic objectives of your campaign.

If you are looking to get the most out of the upcoming Halloween period, then here are our top 5 tips to create effective Halloween Email Marketing Strategies that will help you reach your business goals.

Word games and Emojis in the Email text or Subject

The personalisation of the content of each marketing communication is important to send messages that capture the interest of users and increase the amount of revenue generated.

It is essential that consistency is maintained, both in terms of content and style of communication, such as tone of voice and in the aesthetics of the graphics.

This is especially important when it comes to integrated campaigns, which cover more than one marketing channel, such as email, SMS or landing page.

Write a catchy subject line for your Halloween email by conveying your offer and focus on what, according to your previous analysis, will increase your user engagement and consequently boost your email marketing open rate.

Try to create original content that is related to Halloween – if you can somehow tie it into your products or services, then all the better!

Choose word games, catchphrases, or use metaphors and alliteration; being creative provides an advantage to capture the attention of your target audience and generate conversions from your campaigns.

Using Halloween Emojiis in your subject lines is an ideal way to ensure that your email stands out in the recipients’ inbox and that they are immediately aware that it is a Halloween related promotion.

Happy Halloween

Themed graphics

In addition to the content of your email marketing campaigns, you also need to pay particular attention to the graphics, animations, and visual content.

Images are essential when it comes to increasing user engagement and giving greater prominence to your email in its entirety. They also help in increasing your CTR (click through rate), which is an important factor to be taken into account when creating and looking for ways in which to improve your email marketing campaigns.

Graphics support and amplify the value of the content, so they can become the main element that attracts your customers’ attention and will convince them to read the content in more depth and visit your website and make a purchase.

Create specific Halloween graphics for your email marketing campaign but ensure that the style is replicated across each of your customer touch points to provide consistency.

Halloween Email Marketing Example

Halloween Flash Sales and Promotions

A good Halloween Email Marketing strategy is to create discounts and offers based on your target audience that you know are going resonate with them. You should use language related to Halloween as part of these offer codes too to increase for relevancy and consistency.

Consider using customised promotions and offers related to the occasion, such as HALLOWEEN20, WITCH30 etc. These should be used for Halloween Flash Sales with a limited duration of 24/48 hours – this helps to create a sense of and generate increased amounts of revenue from your campaigns.

You can also tie in your Halloween promotions with Black Friday.

Give your customers the possibility to receive a further discount when shopping on Black Friday if they make a purchase as part of your Halloween promotion. This will encourage sales on both occasions, helping you to generate further amounts of revenue.

Segmented targets

The success of your Halloween email marketing strategy depends on the careful management of the customer database and the effective segmentation of your target audience.

Dividing the contact lists according to your objectives allows you to create many granular audiences that respond to different messaging and marketing channels.

Some segmentation criteria for Halloween Email marketing could be:

  • Age: younger audiences are more likely to be interested in and engage with Halloween related campaigns and have higher click-through-rates, so consider starting from this initial segmentation of your audience
  • Location: if you are an international business, considering paying particular focus on counties where Halloween is more of a widely celebrated festival
  • Previous offer redemption: if you have ran Halloween related campaigns before, segment your users based on those who have redeemed your offers previously, paying particular attention to these users will mean that you have a greater chance of success.

Focus on eCommerce Customisation

According to Statista, “the United Kingdom has the most advanced eCommerce market in Europe” and sales in 2019 reached almost £80 billion.

It is likely that the coming years will also follow this trend. The importance of eCommerce all over the world, is growing more and more due to impact of the global pandemic and a reluctance to venture into physical shops.

Ensuring that you are replicating the Halloween theme across your eCommerce website will ensure that the consistency is assisting in matching users’ expectation from your email marketing campaigns and further assisting in revenue generation. This should be a factor in all of your email marketing campaigns moving forwards, especially if you have only recently started to focus more on increasing your online sales.