win customers back with sms

Digital Marketing is often focused on increasing a brand’s visibility and generating leads from new customers, however all too often the re-engagement of lapsed customers does not get the attention that it should do.

Failing to engage with previous customers is a missed opportunity because you know that these users are interested in your products or services and have purchased from you previously.

Re-engaging with lapsed customers is an essential part of generating revenue for your business. Using email marketing to re-engage lost customers is an excellent tactic as you can target them with specific offers and communication based upon their previous purchase history.

What if these emails are not working though?

All too often this is a situation that brands find themselves in; the recipient is receiving large numbers of emails from other brands and service providers on a daily basis and with email providers actually segmenting brand communication emails into a separate folder, it can be all too easy for your emails to get lost in an inbox.

This is where considering a messaging channel that complements your email activities can work especially well.

SMS Marketing is an ideal opportunity for brands to rekindle relationships with lapsed customers thanks to its impressive metrics and its ability to land directly in the recipients’ inbox. Its impressive open rate of 98% means that you can be assured that your message will be read by the recipient and provides you with a way to reconnect and work towards driving revenue from this segmentation of your audience.

As the delivery is immediate and most SMS are read within minutes, this means that it is the ideal messaging tool with which to regain confidence and interest in your brand; it is also the ideal messaging solution for guiding customers back onto the path of re-engaging with your brand and purchasing from you now and in the future.

Using a multichannel marketing platform to identify users who have been inactive for a period of time is the first step in this strategy.

Start by sending automated email campaigns to inactive users, these should be setup based upon the last time that a user purchased from your brand; start by sending them tailored messaging and a discount code based upon their previous purchase history. This can be a very powerful method as a redemption code complemented with personalised messaging is a powerful combination that can assist with generating increased amounts of revenue.

However, as touched upon previously you need to remember that your audience are going to be receiving similar emails from brands within your niche, therefore you need to make sure that your message is getting through to your audience and actually being delivered and read.

Working on rekindling this relationship is important as engaging and compelling an existing customer to return is always more cost-effective than acquiring a new one.

This is where SMS Marketing comes into play.

Developing an integrated communication strategy means that you can setup automations that are triggered when someone does not reply. In this example, if the recipient did not take action following the marketing emails that were sent, it would then be possible to create an automated rule that is triggered a number of days following on from this.

You could use this SMS to either inform the recipient that there is an important email waiting for them or provide a link to a dedicated landing page within the SMS so that the user can redeem the offer directly from the message. This also provides an opportunity to send a personalised SMS to the user in which you convey a condensed version of the content that was sent within the email. This would ensure that your message is read by the user rather than getting lost in an inbox.

The channel is one of the most effective ways in which to ensure that your important communications are read, and action is taken by the user. It also enables you to gain further insights into your audience and better understand their needs to further enhance and reinforce your communication strategy in the future.

For example, it is possible to gain insights into how they perceive your brand and perhaps why they entered into the realm of becoming a lapsed customer in the first place. Perhaps you were not sending them email content based upon products or services that they wanted to receive information about. Gaining this level of insight will help you better cater for a wider range of your customers and help you increase the amount of revenue generated across different segments of your customer database.

All of this information can be acquired by sending out automated SMS with a short survey, you could then follow this up with a more one via email. This helps in gettign your audience re-engaging with your emails, while also providing you with more information to inform your communication strategy in the future.

If you provide an incentive for the recipients, such as a 5% discount code or free delivery, you will also ensure that they are once again becoming active customers.

If you would like to see what SMS Marketing could do to improve your customer engagement and win back lapsed customers, then claim your free trial of the rdcom platform today!