Why SMS Marketing is so Important for Brands

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SMS Marketing offers some of the most powerful metrics compared to other digital marketing channels meaning that it needs to have a key place in any brand’s communication plan. It is a channel that can be used for a diverse range of business types and for a variety of purposes, including at different stages of sales and conversion funnels.

Changes in user behaviour and the way we consume content means that brands need to ensure that they are targeting customers on the move; SMS is ideal for this and is fast becoming an essential part of an effective multichannel business messaging strategy. Despite this, SMS is still underutilised, meaning that brands incorporating it into their strategy are going to have a key advantage over their competitors.

There is still a misconception that companies need to invest most of their mobile marketing budget into designing and producing mobile applications. However, unlike Bulk SMS, mobile applications do not enjoy 100% penetration on mobile devices. Brands must then compete with others for visibility in the marketplace and generating downloads.

This ensures that generating return-on-investment is a greater challenge due to budget having to be put into designing and developing the application, and then into mobile application optimisation services to generate views and downloads. Instead, using SMS Marketing means having access to users on every device, and when complemented with personalisation, can be a highly effective tool for engaging with your customers and generating revenue.

When enhanced by other features of SMS Marketing, such as 2-Way SMS, brands can create an immediate and personal experience for the user that puts him or her at the centre of the interaction. This helps companies to build and develop their brand across the world if they are respecting relevant privacy and legal requirements for communication opt-ins.

Take a look below for the benefits that SMS provides as part of the wider marketing mix and why it needs to be used as part of your multichannel marketing communications strategy and engaging with your clients at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Direct & Immediate

SMS is one of the most immediate channels available with open rates of 98%, and 90% being read within only 3 minutes of being received. This means that you can be certain that your messages will be read when they need to be and that your recipients will be engaging with your message when it matters the most.

These metrics help ensure that your SMS campaigns will generate high levels of ROI for your business, especially when complemented with other channels, such as email marketing.

Support & Integrate with Other Channels

SMS is an ideal solution for those looking to send standalone campaigns that generate engagement and conversions, but it can also be integrated with other channels to enhance their power.

One of the most striking of these is email marketing with which it seamlessly integrates, and it can skyrocket email marketing engagement and assist in bringing in high levels of revenue.

One of the most important of these is that it can help increase open rates by informing those who did not open your latest email that there is an important message waiting for them. If you are using a multichannel messaging platform with a range of features, then these communication flows can all be set up and managed via automations, enabling you to focus on other areas of your business.

Amplify Customer Engagement

SMS is the ideal channel for developing and enhancing customer engagement across each part of the customer lifestyle. You need to make sure that you are offering a personalised experience and varying the content that is sent out. Not only should you personalise the content of your messages, but you should also do so for the type of content you are sending users.

It is essential that you are avoiding sending out the same messages to each of your contacts and are sending SMS on a granular level to work towards generating as much revenue as possible in the long term.

Something else to keep in mind is that while SMS does indeed offer strong open and read rates compared to other channels, you should be selective about when and how often you use it and keep in mind that you will need to send more in-depth and creative content via email to properly showcase your messaging.

Monitor, Track & Improve your Customer Interactions

Tracking the return on investment from your marketing campaigns is essential to make sure that each channel is worth investing in the long-term. When sending SMS Marketing campaigns, you are able to track return on investment, see which of your contacts are engaging the most with your messages, and much more!

Through gaining insights from the above it is possible design and implement campaigns that are going to more and more in line with your customers’ needs and interests, meaning that you will be working towards generating greater amounts of revenue in both the short and long-term.