Why SMS Marketing is Important for Small Businesses

SMS for Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you will know that to grow your business it requires time and dedication to make it a success. It is also important to make the best use of your budget, especially if you are in a competitive niche and up against those with more resources than you.

When it comes to marketing strategies to keep in touch with and engage your customer base, there are so many different channels and methods to choose from that it can seem like a minefield trying to decide which is the most appropriate for your company’s needs.

A good place to start is with SMS Marketing due to its ability to cost-effectively get your important communication in front of your audience within seconds. This is particularly the case if you have important service announcements that need to be sent out on a regular basis.


SMS possesses some of the most impressive metrics compared to other digital marketing channels, including:

• An open rate of 98%
• 90% of SMS are read within a mere 3 minutes

With these impressive metrics it is not hard to see why SMS is so powerful and why it needs to be a key tactic for small businesses looking to increase engagement with both their new and longstanding customers.

Keep reading to find out why bulk SMS marketing is so important for small businesses and how it could grow yours.

Bring Your Current Customers Closer

When you are a small business, maintaining strong customer relationships with your existing ones is essential. They are the ones who are providing you with a solid foundation on which to grow your business.

SMS enables you consistently get in touch with and contact your existing database of customers and help bring them closer to you and ensure that the customer experience is positive, strong and enduring, even in those challenging times.

We all like to feel as though we are important, and your customers are no different.

Send them personalised messages to make them feel valued and even to help improve your business by finding out how customers perceive you and identify areas to improve.
For example, if a customer has just made a purchase, send them a short, automated survey via SMS to remind them that their opinion and experience of your brand is important to you. Use this information to refine your customer experience and improve your level of service.

Personalisation to Increase Brand Loyalty

The most effective way to grow your business is by maintaining and increasing the engagement of your existing customers. This is important as the digital sphere is growing increasingly competitive and that means there are going to companies like yours competing for your customers’ attention.

Use personalisation as part of your SMS marketing strategy and send out messages tailored to the user about promotions and sales. Perhaps you could even send them a personalised SMS on their birthday with their own personal discount code. This way you are not only keeping your customers engaged and loyal to your brand, but you are also increasing your revenue.

Sending out frequent blanket sales SMS is not going to help engagement, despite how tempting it might, instead if you are likely to see the rate of users unsubscribing increase.

Track your Return on Investment

Being able to fully gauge and track your return on investment from your marketing is essential, otherwise you are potentially putting your business at risk. Luckily, SMS marketing enables you to full track and be aware of your campaign’s spend and return on investment.

SMS also enables you to check the click-through-rate (CTR) of your SMS and you can then refine and improve the performance following this analysis. If you can work towards increasing your CTR, then you will generate greater amounts of revenue and achieve a better ROI.

Increase Awareness & Generate Revenue

If you have only recently started your business then getting prospects’ attention can be a challenge, especially when it comes to considerations around your budget. This is where SMS Marketing can really play a crucial role. It is cost effective and can be used to increase customer awareness of both your company and your offerings.

SMS enables you to send highly targeted, relevant messages to your database about your company. If you are in eCommerce, it is a highly effective tactic during the key retail periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Sending your customers targeted, specially tailored offers during these periods is going to substantially assist in increasing brand awareness, growing your business and generating increased amounts of revenue in the long-term.