The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of SMS Mobile Marketing 


If you don’t know what it is yet, SMS marketing consists of sending SMS to consumers for informational, commercial, or promotional purposes. 

Although today it has sometimes been considered a tool in decline, SMS remains one of the most efficient channels with which to stay in touch with your customers. Here is why: 

– SMS, unlike modern mobile messaging applications, do not need an internet connection and can be received anytime, anywhere. 

– SMS do not need any additional applications to be installed. 

– 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery. 

75% of consumers say they enjoy receiving SMS from brands. 

SMS marketing allows you to connect with your customers in a simple way (only 160 characters!), which is why you should consider it as part of your multi-channel strategy.  

SMS Marketing:  10 Best Practice You Should Comply With 

1. Segment your audience 

Segment your audience according to demographic (age, gender…), geographic and behavioural criteria (have they shopped before?). This will allow you to send messages in line with the interests and characteristics of your recipients. Each type of audience is different, so segmenting is the first step in sending successful content.  

2. Write simply and clearly 

You have 160 characters, use them well! Use simple words, do not overdo punctuation and keep sentences short. Avoid abbreviations and try to use a tone of voice that is appropriate to the type of communication you are sending and, above all, consistent with your company’s one. When creating your message, try to put yourself in the shoes of your recipients and choose the most appropriate words. Your messages will get straight to the point! 

3. Use a personalised sender 

Today’s users are increasingly aware of virtual fraud. Make your messages trustworthy and give your brand some authority by sending text messages from a number that is uniquely associated with your company and that reassures your recipients about who is contacting them. You will also increase your open rates and enhance your image. 

4. Take advantage of automations 

Sending automated SMS is a sure-fire way to increase engagement with your messages and revenue for your business. You can send automations with birthday messages, up & cross selling suggestions, discounts on specific items based upon their previous purchase history, and much more! 

5. Personalise content 

Your customers are people first, and people like to feel special. Write personalised messages, avoid too general communications. Use dynamic fields and data in your possession to make your text messages more effective, for example by using your customer’s name at the beginning of your SMS or some specific content based on users’ characteristics.  

6. Use call to actions 

If you thought call to actions were only useful in web pages and emails, you may be wrong. Calls to action can also be included in your SMS and can make all the difference in getting the best results from your SMS marketing campaigns. Write them with a sense of urgency in mind – that is what calls to action are for, to get users to act immediately. 

7. Increase engagement with landing pages 

Your text messages can be engaging in a small space. Enrich them with links to landing pages or pages on your website, or to multimedia content. A preview image will make your message more appealing and may entice your recipients to click and perhaps convert. 

8. Pay attention to sending frequency 

Running an effective SMS marketing campaign means not only thinking about content, but also choosing the best time and frequency to send your messages. Pay attention to the time zone of your recipients’ country of residence. This will prevent you from sending text messages early in the morning or late in the evening, times when people often don’t like to be disturbed. 

9. Integrate SMS with other channels 

SMS is a great channel, but it can be even more effective when integrated into a multi-channel strategy. For example, you can use them in connection with your newsletters or as support for your e-commerce platform. Some examples? Alerting your users that they have received an email from you or reminding them that they have outstanding products in their virtual shopping cart. 

10. Analyse results 

One of the great advantages of SMS is that they are measurable! You can check how they are performing with specific platforms that show you the data from your campaigns. Check which users are most active, who has clicked on your links and from which country the highest open and read rates come from. Analysing this data is the first step to improving and creating more effective campaigns. 

Now you are ready to get started! All that is left to do is to put these tips into practice to create your own campaigns and improve your relationship with your customers.  

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