SMS Gateway: what is and how it works


The effectiveness of mobile marketing is now well-known, especially to companies that have made it their primary communication tool with their customers.

Investing in mobile marketing strategies proves to be the best choice for customer retention as well as acquiring new contacts. Considering that there are 80 million smartphones in Italy alone, it is easy to understand how mobile marketing can guarantee superior results compared to other communication channels.

In this context, campaigns based on the mass sending of SMS messages are particularly effective, boasting high open rates. Furthermore, when integrated with emails, SMS messages can provide even better results in terms of engagement and penetration.

More and more often, therefore, companies decide to invest in SMS Gateway services, which include, for example, A2P SMS and 2-Way SMS, which, through gateway technology, can be sent in large quantities and securely worldwide.

The potential of multi-channel communication to achieve your business goals, in one complete tool.

SMS Gateway: What Is It?

With the advent of free messaging apps, there were concerns about the fate of SMS marketing. However, SMS messages still prove to be the most effective way to establish direct and engaging dialogue with customers. They do not require the installation of special applications. That’s one of the reason why an increasing number of companies are choosing to invest in this channel.

Naturally, it may not be simple to send large quantities of messages, but thanks to gateways—server infrastructures that run applications useful for sending SMS messages—it is possible to manage high data flows.

Gateways, therefore, can acquire information from the databases of any software, encode it, and connect to telecommunications operators worldwide with extreme rapidity. This allows for the mass and timely sending of various types of SMS messages.

Advantages of A2P SMS and 2-Way SMS


As mentioned, gateways (which connect to corporate software via APIs) allow for the sending of a large volume of Bulk SMS messages, including A2P SMS and 2-Way SMS.

The former (A2P) are unidirectional messages sent from an application to a person. This type includes transactional SMS messages used for sending shipping confirmations, reservations or purchases, two-factor authentication, notifications related to the use of bank accounts, or the sending of OTPs (One Time Passwords).

There are numerous areas of use: from healthcare to finance, from travel to telecommunications. This allows for a high level of customer service to be offered. This makes it possible to offer a high level of customer service.

2-Way SMS messages, on the other hand, are bidirectional messages that allow users to send responses, fueling dialogue with the company, to the benefit of customer retention and experience. Specifically, 2-Way SMS messages are very effective in surveys and questionnaires, event invitations, promotions, reminders, or in all those cases where a response from the user is expected.

Among the many advantages of Bulk SMS messages is certainly the possibility of personalizing communications based on one’s audience and quickly analyzing the results obtained. For example, it is possible to comprehensively track ROI and control the click-through rate (CTR), thus allowing for refinement and improvement of performance.

SMS Gateway: Why Choose rdcom?

rdcom Gateway allows for the rapid sending of SMS messages worldwide, via the user-friendly platform or the implementation of simple, accessible, and proven APIs.

Regardless of the type of SMS, rdcom can guarantee efficient and secure service, taking care of every aspect: from text character encoding to message delivery, regardless of quantity.

Our SMS Gateway system also stands out for its high reliability, both in terms of database management and software management. This means that in case of problems in a data center, a backup is always available to ensure service continuity and prevent the loss of data related to SMS delivery and statistics.

To minimize any inefficiencies, we also provide assistance 365 days a year with a service for monitoring the actual delivery of SMS messages, active 24 hours a day, and technicians always available to address any system issues.

Discover all the other advantages offered by our SMS Gateway service on the dedicated page.

The potential of multi-channel communication to achieve your business goals, in one complete tool.


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