2022 reluctantly inaugurates the second year characterized by the Coronavirus pandemic, a situation to which not only our private lives, but also our entire social and economic systems have had to get used to.

About 70% of companies reported a decrease in turnover in the two-month period March-April 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year, and in about half of the cases the negative trend in turnover was greater than 50%.

Today, therefore, more than ever, companies need new effective channels to increase sales and rebuild a relationship with their customers, traditional, but above all potential.

Why lead generation?

New customer meeting

Lead Generation is the most efficient strategy for acquiring new customers, because it allows you to get a list of profiled contacts with an important propensity to buy.

Through a Lead Generation campaign the company can get new customers at a lower cost thanthe most classic strategies, as it communicates with people who have alreadyexpressed an explicit interest in their products or services.

The advantages are, therefore, obvious. These are both benefits from an economic point of view, return on investment – given the greater possibilities of conversion – but also in terms of brand awareness and brand reputation of the company.

Doing Lead Generation, then, not only helps companies find new customers but makes it easier for them to retain in the future, thanks to virtuous communication and greater initial interest of the target.

Lead Generation in the Digital Age

If it is true that today companies need more than ever to expand their user base and find new ways to reach new potential customers, it is also true that they cannot avoid doing so through digital channels.

People are increasingly online. In the last two years, the time spent online has increased, so much so that in 2021 it reached an average of over 6 hours a day spent on their devices, 98% of which are mobile (smartphones).

And it is precisely the latter that have become the undisputed leaders in the ranking of users’ favorite digital channels. Smartphones are present in the pockets and hands of 97% of us and are becoming the preferred tool not only for the use of content, but also and above all for making purchases.

However, precisely because of these intrinsic characteristics, digital channels are now overcrowded and brands often find themselves flocking to get a few brief seconds of attention from users. Algorithms give less and less visibility to organic content, making t essential for companies to resort to advertising – or paid content – to reach new shares of potential customers. And, this, not only on social media.

SMS Advertising: definition and benefits

We have said how smartphones have become the preferred device for consumers to search for and receive information on brands, enjoy content and buy new products or services.

SMS has always been an ideal channel to support the relationship between companies and customers – real or potential. They have lightning-fast reading times (within just 3 minutes of delivery) and read rates of nearly 98%, depending on the industry.

If this were not enough, we add that SMS have a global reach, do not require an internet connection to be received, are quick to create and can be programmed and automated in order to reach every type of target at the right time.

SMS Advertising exploits the potential of SMS to send informative or commercial communications to highly profiled and targeted user databases based on criteria such as age, gender, geolocation, interests.

The advantages of this channel are many:

  • Allows you to reach new contacts directly on their smartphones
  • It offers you performance of great importance, thanks to the reading and response times (on average within 90 seconds) of the SMS
  • Allows you to have a database optimized according to your business objectives
  • It saves you time: it only takes a few hours to design and plan a campaign, reach the target and measure the results
  • It gives you real results, thanks to the possibility of buying based on performance, or the number and quality of leads you will get at the end of the campaign

How to do Lead generation with SMS Advertising

Just a few steps and tricks are enough to create an effective lead generation campaign through SMS Advertising.

1. Define a target

Target definition is the starting point of any lead generation campaign. You must be clear about your business objectives, and consequently know the profile of your typical customer. Through qualitative and quantitative market analysis, it identifies information relating to users such as age, gender, interests, place of residence. These will then identify the number of contacts that will make up your database.

2. Create a functional landing page

Landing pages are an essential element of your lead generation strategy through SMS Advertising. A landing page is a “landing page“, that is, a web page that is accessed via a hyperlink. In marketing, this term is used to define a stand-alone page, distinct from the home page or any other page of a website, which has a unique and precise purpose.

The purpose is to draw visitors’ attention to a product or service and collect contact information that will then become leads.

3. Create a comprehensive registration form

A registration form is an element that generally has the characteristics of a box and that users fill in according to the fields present. The information requested varies according to the objectives of the campaign, but there are always some essential data that are needed for any type of lead such as name, surname and point of contact (email or sms).

4. Optimize the user experience of your flow

Creating and optimizing all the elements of your SMS Advertising campaign is not enough without an efficient user experience that acts as a glue for every touchpoint. The user should be ideally accompanied in the navigation path, up to the insertion of data into the form and then the generation of a lead for the company. Always check your links, make your landing pages mobile friendly

5. Deepen the relationship with the leads obtained

If you have followed all these steps, you just have to wait for your profiled leads and contact them through the most appropriate channels to deepen the relationship. It is a step not to be underestimated, as even a contact expressly interested in your products or services could move away if not managed in the best way. Always entrust your customers to a competent and prepared sales team, able to respond to the needs of all possible new customers.

Why choose RDCOM for your SMS Advertising campaigns?

At rdcom we have been dealing with mobile messaging for over 20 years, and thanks to collaborations with the main international operators, an expertise that we constantly cultivate and a proprietary internal infrastructure we are able to provide the best SMS Advertising solutions. Especially:

  • We’ll take care of you from the first to the last phase of your campaigns. You will always have a point of reference within our team, which will also support you in the creation of landing pages, in the creation of content and in the optimization of the user experience of your touchpoints
  • You only pay for the results. Our SMS Advertising campaigns are managed by performance, in this way you will only bear the costs of the leads actually generated
  • Our SMS database, at the geolocation level, can be profiled in a granular way up to the ZIP code, thus allowing you to implement local marketing campaigns
  • You will have detailed reports with which you can measure the progress of your campaigns
  • You can improve your return on investment with multi-channel communication strategies, integrating your SMS Advertising campaigns with DEM campaigns

Ready to get started or need more information? Contact us at or call us at 045 8841199.


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