The term SMS Bulk usually refers to large quantities of text messages sent in a short period of time to a large number of recipients.

Even if you think you’ve never heard of it, chances are you’re already regularly receiving bulk SMS from your favorite brands, local service providers you interact with regularly, and most importantly, if you use two-factor authentication.

In fact, this category includes transactional SMS, used for sending shipping confirmations, reservations or purchases, two-factor authentication, notifications related to the use of bank accounts, credit or debit cards or for the wide context of the so-called OTP (One Time Password) or the issue and updating of credentials.

A particularly powerful and effective messaging system, therefore, which boasts remarkable open rates (about 98%), storage (about 60%) and a fast reading capacity.

It goes without saying that bulk SMS plays a fundamental role in the process of digitizing customer relationships, which has been taking place in recent years. Since smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, most marketing activities revolve around mobile with particular reference to SMS and email. An integrated communication strategy between the two channels can therefore be particularly effective not only to enhance customer service, but also to guarantee customers much higher levels of security.

SMS Bulk: Areas of Use

SMS Bulk: Areas of Use

Bulk messages allow companies to automate the sending of SMS important to their business. They can be used to inform customers about the opening of a new store, communicate promotions or offers, send remainders for events or appointments. There are numerous areas of use: from the health sector to the financial sector, from travel to telecommunications.

It is also possible to receive them, for example, when you create a new account on any platform. Usually, in fact, as part of the registration process an SMS is sent with a valid one-time pass-code and useful for verifying your identity. This ensures that the account was actually created by a human and is used for genuine purposes.

Bulk SMS is also often used by two-factor authentication software vendors. Usually, this type of product contains sensitive user data and therefore it is very important to ensure its security. With two-factor authentication you have the option to send an OTP code via SMS whenever someone wants to access the platform. The code serves as a guarantee and must necessarily be used in a short time. Thanks to the API, there are numerous cases where this level of security can be implemented.

Finally, one of the main sectors of use is banking. Bulk is offered regularly by banks that adopt an advanced level of security so that users who use their credit card to make online purchases feel safer. Whenever the credit card holder wishes to make a purchase, an OTP is sent as part of the payment process. If the code is not entered, the transaction does not take place. It is a very effective tool for financial institutions that clearly want to prevent fraud.

Transactional SMS

transactional SMS

As we said at the beginning, the category also includes transactional SMS that are used by companies to remind customers of upcoming appointments or to send updates of previously purchased products or services.

Also widely used by e-commerce to send information to customers about deliveries, perhaps when a package needs to be delivered to a new address.

Both examples show the value that bulk SMS can bring to different companies and also show how they can improve the customer experience, as well as the level of service, which in turn will lead to an increase in brand loyalty.

These messages are also perfect when you need to recover an old account. Providing a more secure authentication system prevents its breach as well as the modification of passwords.

In addition, they are useful in case you encounter attempts to log in from a location or device that is usually not associated with the account. For example, you could consider sending a double authentication request, first via email and then via SMS, providing a further advanced protection service.

SMS Bulk: advantages

In short, we can say that the use of SMS offers considerable advantages

In particular, by relying on the rdcom Platform you can:

  • Send important information quickly to both individual users and large databases
  • offer a high level of customer service that will guarantee your company a strategic positioning
  • Improve customer experience
  • increase your brand reputation
  • send between 400 and 500 SMS per second and achieve high delivery rates
  • send SMS all over the world choosing the right timing for each communication
  • implement high levels of security by improving customer trust in your brand

SMS Bulk: Best Practices

You will surely have understood that bulk SMS are ideal allies for your business, whatever your sector. To get the most out of this tool, we recommend that you stick to a few simple best practices listed below.

  1. Include an opt-out where users can opt out of a brand no longer wanting to receive communications. According to the current GDPR, each person must have the possibility to revoke their consent to receive specific content, so it is important that in your SMS it is always clear how to unsubscribe from a list.
  2. Include a link to deliver a better customer experience. For example, if you’re sending an SMS to track an order, include a link so the user can see real-time updates.
  3. Tell the sender by showing the recipient of the SMS your brand name. In this way you will not only increase the authority of your communications, but you will also have higher open rates than messages without a sender, obtaining more interactions from users.
  4. Choose a custom sender so customers know who the message is coming from. Not only will they be more likely to open the SMS and interact, but you’ll also make them aware that it’s not a phishing attempt.
  5. Limit promotional content as SMS is designed to be useful in a practical way to the customer, providing important and often sensitive information. If your goal is to send messages for commercial purposes, we recommend that you rely on Bulk SMS.

Discover the Bulk!

Bulk SMS continues to enjoy remarkable growth and this is not surprising. It offers – as we have seen – several possibilities to companies, first of all that of reaching users on a device that is always in their hands.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business that doesn’t yet use bulk SMS as part of their strategy, this is the time to get started. Visit the dedicated page and discover all the potential of this tool!


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