Multi-Channel Management: the Advantages of Multi-Level and Multi-Account


In the dynamic landscape of digital communication, businesses are constantly challenged to maintain consistency across multiple channels while ensuring seamless interactions with their audience. The quest for an efficient, unified solution has led many companies to embrace centralized platforms, and in this article, we explore how such a platform can be a game-changer, particularly in the realms of email, SMS campaigns, and multichannel communication.

The Challenge of Multichannel Consistency

Businesses today communicate with their audience through a myriad of channels, each with its unique set of characteristics and requirements. Email campaigns, SMS messages, and various other communication channels demand meticulous attention to detail to maintain a consistent brand voice, messaging, and timing. Without a centralized strategy, organizations risk diluting their brand identity and confusing their audience.

The Allure of Centralized Platforms

A centralised communication platform acts as a control centre, allowing companies to rationalise their communication efforts and comply with multi-channel management. This unified approach enables better coordination and, most importantly, consistency across various channels. For businesses managing email and SMS campaigns, a centralized platform can be a game-changer.

Multi-channel Management: Multilevel and Multi-Account features

One of the standout features of a robust centralized platform is its multilevel and multi-account management capabilities. This functionality allows businesses to manage multiple communication channels, campaigns, and even different brands or departments from a single, intuitive interface.

  • Multilevel Management: Businesses often operate with hierarchical structures, with different teams handling distinct aspects of communication. A centralized platform with multilevel management ensures that each team can access and control the specific elements within their purview, promoting efficiency and accountability.
  • Multi-Account Management: For enterprises with diverse brands or subsidiaries, managing multiple accounts for each brand can be a logistical nightmare. A centralized platform simplifies this complexity, allowing for the creation and management of separate accounts for each brand or business unit. This ensures that each entity can tailor its communication strategy while adhering to overarching guidelines.
Account Management on the inTouch Multichannel Platform

Benefits of Multilevel and Multi-Account Management

  • 1.Consistency Across Brands: By offering a centralized hub for managing multiple accounts, a platform ensures that each brand under the company’s umbrella maintains a consistent voice and messaging strategy. This not only strengthens brand identity but also fosters customer trust.
  • 2.Streamlined Operations: Multilevel management streamlines operations by providing clear lines of responsibility. Teams can focus on their specific areas of expertise without interfering with others, resulting in more efficient and targeted campaigns.
  • 3.Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: A centralized platform consolidates data from various channels and accounts, offering comprehensive insights This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, refine their strategies, and maximize the impact of their communication efforts.

Multi-Account Feature on inTouch Multichannel Platform

inTouch Multichannel Platform accounts that have ‘multi-account’ permission enjoy the possibility of creating multiple Platform instances for their customers.

Add account

For each sub-account, the main account can define:

  • Permissions, you can decide whether to assign all of them to the parent account or only some of them
  • The email address to which notifications, such as import or list subscription confirmations, will be forwarded
  • The sending domains it can use
  • The predefined email templates it can display
  • Email limits for each specific account and whether to send a notification when credit availability is about to run out.
  • The expiry date of the account or leave the field blank if you do not wish it to have a specific expiry date. Each account can be manually disabled at any time
  • contact details

To experience firsthand how a centralized platform can transform your multichannel communication strategy, we invite you to request a personalized demo. Our experts will guide you through the multilevel and multi-account management features, showcasing the tangible benefits for your brand.

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