Email and SMS automation: new CPaaS release

Technology is constantly evolving, and with it communication solutions, whose processes need ever more automation, with the aim of saving operational time and optimising results. The CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) rdcom can become a crucial tool in this process.

Our latest release significantly expands the automation capabilities of the platform, giving users unprecedented control over their marketing campaigns. More complex and customised communication campaigns can now be set up, with more triggers and actions and an even richer multi-channel level.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a technological approach that uses software and applications to automate, measure and improve marketing activities and processes. This includes the management of multichannel marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, customer data analysis and customer journey management. Marketing automation can help personalise customer interactions, make campaigns more efficient, reduce manual errors and provide valuable data on campaign performance.

Using marketing automation tools, companies can schedule activities, such as sending emails or sending push notifications, based on specific triggers or user behaviour. For example, if a customer adds an item to the shopping cart but does not complete the purchase, a marketing automation system can automatically send a reminder email.

Beyond the basic functions, marketing automation also enables customisation on a large scale, allowing companies to send targeted and relevant messages to specific segments of their audience. This ability to personalise communications on an individual level can lead to greater customer loyalty, greater engagement and ultimately greater profitability.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Highest customisation: Using detailed customer data, communications can be highly customised to meet individual needs and preferences.
  2. Migliore coinvolgimento dei clienti: Le Automazioni arricchite permettono di creare interazioni interattive, coinvolgenti e su misura, aumentando la probabilità di ottenere risposte e conversioni positive.
  3. Saving time and resources: Once configured, automations work autonomously, allowing staff to concentrate on other strategic tasks.
  4. Real-time feedback: Automations can provide feedback on campaign results, allowing companies to make real-time changes to optimise performance.
  5. Improved customer experience: With more relevant and timely communication, customers will feel more engaged and valued, helping to build a long-term relationship of trust.

In this context, our CPaaS platform, with its new enriched automation features, fits in as a key tool to take your marketing automation strategy to the next level.

CPaaS and its role in marketing campaigns

The rdcom CPaaS is a solution that allows companies to use different business messaging channels, including SMS and Email for their marketing communications. is a solution that enables companies to use This makes it possible to engage customers across multiple touchpoints and different customer journeys, improving the overall experience and customer loyalty.

So far, our CPaaS has provided standard tools for communication automation, allowing companies to send predefined messages in certain scenarios. With the latest release, however, automations enriched with new features have been introduced, bringing powerful new capabilities into the hands of marketers.

Le potenzialità della comunicazione multicanale per raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi commerciali, in un solo strumento.

The current Automations section allows you to create automated message flows that can streamline marketing activities, and generally manage repetitive communication flows, and deliver customized messages at the most appropriate time to the target audience.

Automations are cross-channel: if account permissions allow, a contact can be reached by both email and SMS messages within the same automated communication stream.

How to create the new Email and SMS Automations on the CPaaS

How to create the new Email and SMS Automations on the CPaaS

Come creare le nuove Automazioni Email e SMS sulla CPaaS

To create a new automation:

  1. Use the Create button to enter the creation flow of a new automation
  2. Enter a name for the automation
  3. Select a list of recipients.
  4. Apply filters to the list
  5. Click on forward
example of first step email and sms automation cpaas rdcom

2.Create the workflow

First define a sending time: the setting affects the sending time of the first message of the automated flow on the day when the condition identified by the triggers occurs. You can decide whether to send as soon as possible or to schedule sending for a certain time and time zone.

example second step creation automation email sms cpaas rdcom

Triggers are the starting point of automated flows and determine when to trigger the series of messages defined in the flow.
One or more triggers can be set for the same automation. You can also choose to trigger automation via API based on events that happen outside the platform, for example an abandoned shopping cart or a purchase on your site.

trigger setting new email and sms automations cpaas rdcom

3.Check and send

Once you have ensured that you have set up all elements of your automation correctly, you are ready to send!

example last step creation automation email sms cpaas rdcom

The new CPaaS release on Email and SMS Automations offers companies a powerful tool to improve their marketing campaigns and customer engagement activities. The ability to create highly personalised and interactive communications will greatly enhance the effectiveness of business strategies, allowing you to reach and engage customers in a more effective and meaningful way.

The implementation of Automations paves the way for a future of smarter and more targeted business communications, where customer experiences will be at the heart of business strategies. Companies that adopt these technologies will be able to distinguish themselves from their competitors and build stronger and more lasting relationships with their customers.

Le potenzialità della comunicazione multicanale per raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi commerciali, in un solo strumento.


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