Rdcom’s multichannel platform is now named inTouch

La Piattaforma Multicanale rdcom cambia nome in inTouch

The email and SMS communications management platform has achieved its 2023 productivity and reliability targets, and is preparing for major new implementations.

Functionality has gone up a level with system-wide integrations:

This is a milestone, an important step, and the choice of the name inTouch represents rdcom’s explicit commitment to its customers.

inTouch because it brings businesses closer to users, builds and enhances relationships through the interactive exchange of communications.
intouch is not only ‘sending’, but also receiving, responding, it is the dialogue managed entirely in one system.

inTouch is an important step in the evolution of an already defined path that will still include continuous implementations, and which defines the basis that will host new communication channels globally.

inTouch is also the ‘style’ of rdcom, which makes the relationship with its customers more consistent through a direct relationship with a team of dedicated professionals who work together to really support the customers’ business.


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