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Email marketing is experiencing a second youth. Social networks and new communication channels could have represented the decline of email, which instead confirmed its value by becoming an important communication tool for large and small businesses.

Today email marketing, born and spread together with the internet, remains an absolutely relevant means if we talk about business and it is important that it is well integrated into a broader communication strategy.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

It is clear and immediate, creates a direct relationship with the recipient, is easily traceable and, consequently, through the analysis of the results obtained, allows you to understand what to change and how.

Within the rdcom platform, the statistics section is treated in every detail precisely because the data represent a source of information that can be exploited over time. The user has access to a whole series of useful elements to understand and improve the different aspects of his campaigns, including: map of readers with days and opening hours of the email to evaluate when it is best to send, map of clicks to check the points that record more interactions and list of unsubscriptions.

Email can be used for different purposes and is a great way to convey valuable content, increase your presence in customers’ daily lives and thus improve their awareness of your brand. It can therefore contain details and advice on how to use a service or solutions to problems that your service will solve, as well as promotional offers, discount proposals or updates and market trends.

But what does it mean, in practice, to do email marketing? What are the steps to follow?

First of all, you will need a well-profiled list of contacts with the right consensus. It is essential, and in line with the privacy policy, that the recipients of the list have given their consent to receive your emails to avoid incurring unpleasant situations or complaints from people who are not interested in your communications.


Our system provides two ways of inserting contacts: manual mode with one by one address entry, or through massive import. The CSV file must contain email addresses and may consist of an unlimited amount of additional information. Keep in mind that the more details you know about your customers, the more your communications can be built in a targeted manner. The “cleanup” tool will also perform a full check and disable any incorrect or inactive addresses.

In rdcom we talk about Real Lists and Virtual Lists. The first are real lists containing all the contacts, from A to Z, that have been imported; the latter are instead the result of user segmentation. Segmentation occurs when filters are applied to the list based on the information available and the most specific needs.

During the list creation phase you will then have the possibility to create fields that the platform will then fill in by entering the file data. The use of filters will allow you to send a message only to some of the contacts on your list; those, for example, in which the “interest” field finds the same type of product.

The rdcom platform works in compliance with the rules provided for by the GDPR regarding the protection of personal data. There is therefore a possibility that, after an analysis carried out during the import phase, some of the uploaded contacts will be identified as suspicious or need further verification. In this case, the platform temporarily freezes the list. Our assistance service will be available to provide you with all the information about it.

Your message

Once a contact list has been maintained, the focus must stop on creating relevant content that ensures the success of the purpose we have set ourselves.

Important to increase the effectiveness of the campaign is to know the interests of individual recipients. For example, you could segment the main list based on the products your customers buy and promote something new to them. If, for example, you have grouped them according to their clicks, you could invite them to comment on your post or read the new article on your site.

Remember that you are writing to an audience of people, so try to put them at ease using language that is as familiar as possible. People are not affected by constructed sentences; People seek people’s voices.

Editor K-Bricks

Then be sure to give your email a proper and attractive layout. The K-Bricks editor of our platform represents the real revolution in this sense. Through simple drag and drop actions you can place the different bricks, customize them and thus create a template in line with your style.

Within the section there are predefined templates to choose from and if you already have one ready in html format you can import it in a few moments to edit it later using the tools at your disposal. It’s going to be that simple!

Analyze statistics

Within an effective email marketing strategy, statistics play a crucial role. Analyzing performance is important to improve and take your communications to the next level. Data is in fact a source of useful information for planning new campaigns; Based on the results obtained and the interests shown by readers, you can create targeted and effective newsletters.
Thanks to the maps generated by our system for each campaign, for example, you can decide to send a new email to those who have not read your first message. Or you can invite those who clicked on your social pages to visit your website too, thus guaranteeing you more traffic.


The last part of the platform is dedicated to marketing automation, i.e. the technology that allows you to create a series of automations useful for the workflow and the quality of communication. In our case we talk about scheduling of shipments, optimization of contact management and care of customer relationships.

What exactly is internal triggers and external triggers?

External triggers are all activities that are carried out outside the platform but that can be easily interfaced with the system via API. Examples of external triggers are transactional emails, cart abandonment before completing a purchase, etc.
Internal triggers, on the other hand, are those automatisms that are activated within the system itself when a certain condition occurs. Thanks to the rdcom platform you can, for example, create an automatism to send birthday wishes to your customers or to give them a discount voucher as a reward and incentive to purchase. After a user registers, you could send them a series of presentations of your products or, if you organize an event, some automatic emails to specify the program.

Not to mention the possibilities of advanced customization; Thanks to the RDCOM platform you will have the possibility to send different communications based on the individual actions of the reader within the newsletter, depending on a click on an icon rather than on an image for example.

An integrated communication strategy

It must be said that your strategy will not be fully successful only thanks to email marketing. In an ideal scenario it must be an integrated strategy where more than one channel contributes to the results and the success of the communication.
In this perspective, SMS is confirmed as the very first ally of Email. Doing SMS Marketing today is still a source of satisfaction. Then take a look at the SMS section of our platform; The structure is similar to that of emails as well as the management of address books. To schedule a shipment will take just a few steps.


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