What does it mean today to do e-mail marketing? What are the possible uses of newsletters and DEMs for a company? If on the one hand we find the usefulness of this tool for promotional and informative communications to our contacts, on the other hand we place the messages aimed at acquiring new customers. In a nutshell, the main purposes of e-mail marketing are two: loyalty and customer acquisition.

The Difference Between Newsletter and Dem

Ine-mail marketing, when we talk about newsletter we refer to all messages sent on a scheduled basis to those who have given us explicit authorizations to receive our communications, if instead we talk about DEM (Direct E-mail Marketing) we identify emails sent occasionally for advertising purposes and aimed at reaching prospects with the aim of turning them into customers.

The receipt of a newsletter is therefore linked to a proprietary database and to a conscious subscription of the recipient to the service, while the DEMs usually refer to external lists of which only segmentation and shipment are purchased.

Email Marketing: Content Personalization

Email marketing is experiencing a new era thanks to the changing sales and purchasing processes. Digital communication activities are part of the dynamics that lead to the transformation of a lead into a customer, as well as a customer into a loyal customer.

But how do you establish a solid relationship with your contact list? A key concept is content personalization. It is essential to collect as much information as possible to send targeted and profiled communications based on the user’s interests, based on his previous purchases and so on. In this way, e-mail marketing becomes an extremely effective tool, a tool for dialogue and involvement.

Among the objectives of e-mail marketing we also find the increase in sales and consequently in turnover; However, the communication strategy must be carefully studied both in terms of message and target in order to achieve appropriate communications that do not cross the spam line.

Database and List Segmentation

When you have a company database for email marketing activities, it’s best to segment lists based on demographics, interests, and buying behaviors. In this way it is possible to structure personalized and successful messages. To achieve this, we must therefore identify the interests and provide the expected content, those of greatest interest to the recipients. Responding to the interests of those who read us is the first step – fundamental – to avoid being marked as spam or being ignored.

Reach new customers

Speaking of DEM and sending advertising messages in order to acquire new contacts, it is inevitable to resume the discussion on the bond that we are going to create with our recipient. The success of a campaign depends very much on its perception. If the emails are not taken care of as a whole and clearly show sales intent, they will likely be inappropriate and detached. We ourselves know how annoying it is to constantly receive messages that do not interest us. It is therefore important to give value to people and ensure that this attention to the individual is perceived. The skill lies in balancing content and managing our content marketing strategy.

Il layout della newsletter e il tone of voice 

Like the content, logos, images, icons and videos are also important. Overall harmony is key. Don’t necessarily use complex layouts; If poorly organized or too rich, design will be counterproductive. Often the simplicity of a text combined with the right image is the best thing.

The ideal is to use a template that is not too formal and write in a personalized way, as if you were addressing that specific recipient.

Use simple words without focusing on promotion right away, choose to tell a story instead! Our contacts must feel unique. It is advisable, for example, to address the recipient by his or her own name. In addition, the newsletter may have the signature of a particular person instead of remaining generic.

Of course it will be difficult to sell something to those who do not look for it or do not need it. It is therefore important to capture the attention of our public to gradually arouse concrete interest.

Sequenza invii e analisi  

The time and frequency with which you send emails will have a decisive impact on your open rate. At the beginning, therefore, it is advisable to test different times and find the most suitable one.

Sending sequences also play a decisive role in the success of a campaign. It is therefore necessary to identify the target and objective before establishing a series of submissions.

Another determining factor is the ability to interpret the data and understand how the campaign can be improved. It is also advisable to compare the unsubscribe rate quite frequently and carefully analyze its trend.

Potentially, email marketing is suitable for all types of businesses. Thanks to an email and a defined strategy we are able to create a one-to-one communication relationship. However, it is necessary to manage everything carefully, only in this way could we aspire to satisfactory results.


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