How Grow Your Business with Automated SMS

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Automated SMS are one of the most powerful communication solutions to build and maintain customer engagement and generate strong levels of return on investment for your business.

Despite the evolution of digital communications which has led to the emergence of new communication channels, such as social media, SMS remains one of the key solutions available to brands looking to engage with their audience in a matter of seconds.

SMS boast an open rate of 98% and 90% are read within only 3 minutes of being received by the recipient; no other communication channel gets close to these metrics.

There are different ways in which brands can use SMS for marketing purposes, these include mass text messaging, which is sending a specific promotion to your database all at once. This could be to inform them of a special promotion based upon segmentation of your database, in this way you can be certain that your offer is going to resonate with them and ensure that you reach your marketing goals.

Sending these types of SMS can prove to be highly cost-effective as they enable you to get your message in-front of large numbers of people within a matter of seconds. When compared to other channels, it has the potential to generate considerable amounts of ROI for your business in both the short and long-term.

Another branch of SMS is sending automated A2P SMS that are sent based upon different triggers and user interactions, these cre extremely powerful when complemented by other channels and used as part of a wider integrated strategy, including content and email marketing.

What is SMS Automation?

Automated SMS are sent at predetermined times or different moments throughout the customer journey to nurture leads at different micro-moments and generate enhanced levels of engagement. They are incredibly effective and help to ensure that your customers feel closer to your brand, which assists in increasingly loyalty and even turning them into brand ambassadors in the long-term.

Having your customers as brand ambassadors is one of the most effective ways in which you can generate greater awareness of your company organically; SMS automation can make this possibile over a shorter period of time.

You can send automated SMS by choosing the day and the time when you wish to send your messages; it is possible to plan and schedule these according to your needs and the recipient’s time zone. In this way it is possible to reach customers when they are most receptive and likely to engage with your brand. You can also analyse the performance of the campaign and make updates based upon this data to further improve the future performance of your campaign and generate greater amounts of return on investment.

You can also set automated text responses that can be sent using 2-Way SMS, this enables you to enjoy greater levels of conversational messaging with your audience and provide enhanced levels of service.

This can also be particularly effective for lead generation and retargeting purposes to further increase levels of ROI.

When to Use Automated SMS

There are various reasons to utilise automated communication flows with SMS, however they all assist in contributing towards enhancing the customer experience and increasing the overall conversion rate from your marketing activities, especially when used as part of an integrated communication strategy.

Some of the most common ways that brands can use SMS automations include:

Welcome Series

When someone registers on your website or signs-up to your database, you should make them feel welcome by sending them a welcome message to make him/her feel an important and valued customer.

This helps bring them closer to your brand in the initial stages, and when combined with personalisation, can be highly effective in amplifying engagement and moving them through your conversion funnel. This could be something as simple as using a custom variable to include the user’s name or content related to something specific that they are interested in. You should consider ways in whcih this data can be captured durign your sign-up process as using it later on to enhance your early communication can be highly effective.

Birthdays or Milestones

Showing interest in your customers also means remembering and contacting them on important days, such as birthdays, or even the anniversary when they signed-up to your service or newsletter. These personalised messages can really enhance your customers’ loyalty. When combined with an offer or discount code, this can be even more effective; consider including a link to a dedicated mobile landing page in order to encourage them to make a purchase.

New Product Release

These automations are highly effective when it comes to creating hype and FOMO around your products, especially when sent out at various stages in the build up to the launch of the product. When integrated with a channel such as email marketing it offers opportunities to be even more powerful and can be used to send your email open rates soaring.

Abandoned Carts

If you discover that a significant number of your customers abandon your checkout process, send them an automated SMS that notifies them that they have items left in their basket. Again, consider including a discount code to encourage them to complete the checkout process.

Delivery Notifications

Keeping your customers updated in real time about their order means that you will be providing an enhanced level of service that will be appreciated by your customers. Inform them at each stage of the shipping process and enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.