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Vehicle Tracking


RDCom : Remote Data Communications

Remote Data Collection

The RDCom system allows you to collect data remotely from your products anywhere in the world. Whether you are tracking a prototype vehicle around a test track, monitoring a piece or remote machinery, tracking your fleet vehicles or looking for long term, real world usage data, RDCom will address your needs.

Remote Data Analysis

But simply gathering data is not going to help you solve your problems. RDCom's team of specialists will. By analysing what you want to achieve, our engineers will be able to tailor the acquisition and data analysis package to get you the answers you need.

Remote Information Access

To get your results you don't even have to leave your desk. View the latest analysis, current system status or latest vehicle position, plotted for you on the RDCom secure web site.


This is all backed by the 60 year pedigree of MIRA Ltd as the worlds leading independent provider of product engineering and testing services.


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